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Electric wing mirror "MOVE IN "fixed.

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Old 06 Nov 2011, 06:38 am
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Default Electric wing mirror "MOVE IN "fixed.

Just repaired the drivers side wing mirror, drive unit.
Im in the uk so its the RHD one.
Instructions: (No photos im afraid, was in a rush to get it fixed!)

Tools needed:
1 x Pozi drive or philips
1 x small flat blade (terminal driver)
1 x 8mm spanner or socket
1 x t15 torq
chockie block (terminal block)

Remove the fascia behind the mirror, pull one edge near the top, there are 2 clips holding this on, on vertical near the top, the other horizontal near the bottom.
Remove 4 x philips head screw round the door frame.
Carefully un pop the front edge of the door card, this should give you access to the socket holding the wing mirror connector.
Unplug the connector.
Using the 8mm socket/ spanner remove the 3 nuts ( hold the mirror!).
Pull cable through door.

Lock up car and retire in to warmer house or garage.

Remove the foam shield carefully, youll need this even if you replace the whole unit.
Remove the foam triangle.

This is where it gets tricky.
We are going to remove the actuall mirror.
Place the mirror glass up on your lap, the door fixing away from your body.
now gently press down the far end of the mirror (Blue Arrow), this will lift the edge to you up to show the interior.

the red arrow points to the clip thats on the mirror back, using the small flat blade, prize the 2 clips that are at either end( theyre molded onto the gimble plate) and the mirror will pop up, ( may take a couple of attempts!)

Now at the other end of the mirror is a simular clamp , but there is also a spring ( not sure what it does) it may clamp the retainer anyway unclip it.
Carefully (Theses are fragile connectors) removed the 2 black cables from the heater unit.They are very small female blade crimps.
The Mirror plate should now lift of with a gentle bit of persuassion!.

This exposes the gimble plate and the drive assembly.
4 Wires got to the motor gimble, 2 Black wires got to the heater, 2 wires go to the MOVE IN drive (Green & Grey to plug, Red & Blue to motor).

There is a white 2 pin connector, this is for the move in drive, this is where i found the problem on my unit, when i took it apart , the conacts had corroded so badly they disintergrated.

There are 3 torqs on the plate if you need to get access to the back, youll also have to remove the 3 on the base of the mirror as well.

I used a 12v supply to test the motor and it worked, so i removed the connector, stripped the wires back and used a 1 amp chocky block.

re assembly was the same process in reverse.
make sure you connect the heater wires, and fit the spring end of the mirror to the gimble plate first, then gently press down on the mirror and it will click into place.

Fit and test.
I had already got the passanger side mirror closed, so as soon as i plugged in it moved to the closed position, i tested it a couple of times before refitting the door panels.
Hope this is of use, its svae me about 50 to replace the hole mirror clustor and i now have a fully functioning mirror set.
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Old 06 Nov 2011, 08:44 am
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Default Re: Electric wing mirror "MOVE IN "fixed.

Thanks for the info.
Rules of the forum have been updated as of *07/07/2019* Please read them over.

- All decisions by the Moderator are semi-permanent, can and may be changed at his discretion but definitely will be the final word. Any action performed by the Administrator or Moderators are not to be discussed on the forum.
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Old 06 Nov 2011, 01:02 pm
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Default Re: Electric wing mirror "MOVE IN "fixed.

Top info, my driver's side mirror is not turning in so will do this next weekend, thanks.
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Old 07 Nov 2011, 01:55 am
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Default Re: Electric wing mirror "MOVE IN "fixed.

Swanjack could you get some pictures please?
if you get stuck pm me, ill be around at the weekend.
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Old 07 Nov 2011, 04:19 am
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Location: Miskin, Wales, UK.
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Default Re: Electric wing mirror "MOVE IN "fixed.

Will do, and thanks once again.
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