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2002 PT Cruiser Problems

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Old 10 Dec 2011, 01:11 pm
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Default 2002 PT Cruiser Problems

Hello everyone. I have been looking on this forum for a while and have found most of the answers that i have looked for. There is one problem that i have with my pt that i can not figure out. Let me tell you the history of the PT and we will go from there.

I bought this PT from a used car dealer in March 2011. Drove the car for a month and the car overheated, warped the head, and all of that other stuff. Took it to a mechanic and had the head R&R, put all back together. Got the car home and noticed the fan wasn't working. Changed the fan. Still didn't work. Changed the high & low speed relays. Fan now works.

Ever since the head R&R, the car has always had a tick in the motor. to be honest with you it sounds like a diesel engine. Car ran fine for about 3 months. In August, the car ran hot again. The upper radiator hose blew off. Got the hose put back on and coolant back in. Tried starting the car, the car wouldn't start. Thought my fuel was sucked out by someone so i put gas in the tank. Car didn't start. Tried re-timing the timing belt. Car would start but not stay running without my foot on the gas pedal. Looked at the IAC and it was stuck all the way out. Ordered it and got the part on. Car would start and stay idling but engine was shaking real bad. Check engine light came on. Code P0601 & P1684. P0601 means error in PCM.

My question is where do i go from here. Do i replace the PCM, try re-timing the engine again, replace engine, etc? I am at my end point of this car. I have had nothing but troubles with it.

P.S. Sorry for the long post. I tried to put everything in here that i can remember.
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Old 10 Dec 2011, 01:23 pm
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Default Re: 2002 PT Cruiser Problems

Yea, we know what the P0601 is and it's not good. Try resetting the computer by taking the negative battery cable off for about 5 minutes. Also step on the brake pedal while the cable is off to get rid of any residual charge. With any luck the code might go away and not come back.

That's your first priority. If you can get the code to go away, then you can work on other problems. I'm sure you are fed up with all the maintenance, but yo did buy a used car with probably no history of how it was kept up. You said you checked the timing belt, so does that mean you bought the car with high mileage and had to do the timing belt when you bought it? Radiator hose blowing off is pour maintenance on whoever put it on. The overheating and warped head could have done other damage as far as the ticking goes. Was everything checked over? Shaking really bad could be a few different things like a broken engine mount, bad injector, bad plug or wire.
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Old 10 Dec 2011, 08:41 pm
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Default Re: 2002 PT Cruiser Problems

Local PT Clubs are great for buddys willing to swap parts(and plan meets)
In no way do they compete with this big, national board, they usually add to it. It's too bad this isn't happening more with PT's so you could get someone to swap a PCM. Wonder if a 2.4 C-van would function?

'Tick' could be many things as Cruzin' said.
I'd be inclined to believe there'd just be dirt in a lifter (aka adjuster)
Doesn't hurt anything but makes lots of noise.
you could remove valve cover and look for anomalies; remove a few cam caps and ensure there wasn't an oil starved head installed.
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Old 10 Dec 2011, 11:39 pm
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Default Re: 2002 PT Cruiser Problems

Crewzin - I will try resetting the computer that way. i just haven't been working on it too much because of money/time. I recently got a new job and have been working non stop here lately. I bought the car apparently with a bad history. Everything was good until it ran hot the first time. I don't know what the mechanic done when he had the head R&R but apparently he didn't do it right. The car hasn't ran right since. he didn't even change the oil after he done the head. he told me when i picked it up that i needed to have to oil changed since he didn't do it. I wouldn't have mind to have paid him more to do that. Heck he already changed the wires, plugs, and upper motor mount. I think i got screwed with him. I had checked the timing because of him possibly not doing it right. I have done a lot of research saying not many people do it right the first time they have done it.

UptownSport - Yeah i will have to look into the PT clubs and see if there is any around my area. I loved the car and that's why we bought it. I am hoping when i get it fixed that i will love it even more and just take great care of it. I am hoping that when i get a week off for christmas that i can work on the car and just tear it back down. Make sure everything is done right again.
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