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Calibrate & MPG Reality

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Old 10 Jan 2012, 01:28 pm
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Default Calibrate & MPG Reality


Have a 2003 PT GT. Using a scan gauge to determine MPG (getting 25-26). After a few tanks I calibrated the Scan gauge, now looks like I am getting 19-21 MPG (mostly city some highway)which seems to be more representative of what everyone else is getting. Oh well still a cool and fun to drive car.

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Old 10 Jan 2012, 03:12 pm
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Default Re: Calibrate & MPG Reality

some ware in the 20-25 range is what is normal some get better some get worse id say a solid average is probaly 23mpg
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Old 11 Jan 2012, 06:08 am
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Default Re: Calibrate & MPG Reality

Personally I use Fuelly and I am lucky to get 18 mpg on most fuel ups. I am going to be installing a K&N next week so hopefully that helps. I traded in an 06 PT for this 06 PT but the mileage went down the drain.
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Old 11 Jan 2012, 11:28 am
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Default Re: Calibrate & MPG Reality

The most accurate way to calculate fuel mileage is the old fashioned way.

Use your odometer and the gas pump.

1: Record your mileage.
2: Fill up.
3: Drive until empty.
4: Record your mileage.
5: Fill up.
6: Record amount of gas purchased.
7: Repeat.

If you put it on a spreadsheet that will give you an extremely accurate measurement of fuel economy, especially if you keep consistent records every time you fill up.

I stopped caring about precise MPG figures a while ago... all that matters to me is how long I can go between fillups. As my driving pattern doesn't really change from week to week I can estimate my MPG by knowing the number of miles I drive per day and how many days I go between stops at the petrol station.

I usually fill up every two weeks and my daily commute is 30 miles round trip... I don't drive the PT on weekends.

So I figure I'm getting 300 miles between fillups. I don't run it all the way to empty, my average fillup is around 13 gallons. So 300/13 is around 23MPG. EPA highway estimate is 24MPG and my commute is 99% highway, I figure I'm doing pretty good.
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