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Helpful tips thread

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Old 27 Apr 2012, 04:27 pm
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Thumbs up Helpful tips thread

This has been a great place to find information about PT Cruisers. I'd like to return the favor and share some of my helpful tips for working on my PT.

Dielectric Grease
: So many uses and more than just for spark plug wire ends.

Use it sparingly on those air filter box rubber mounts. You know, those round mounting pins and that flat plate by the fuse box that absolutely love to hold it in place like it's welded down? Lubricating the rubber grommets under the box in the car and the grommet on the back of the box with a small amount of this stuff will make it WAY easier to remove and install the thing, which seems to be for just about everything! Works great on the engine modesty panel grommets if you have one on your PT.

Use it lightly on the inside of the big rubber intake hose that clamps to the air box. Makes THAT far easier to take off and install too.

Also works great for coolant hoses. Smear just enough, not very much, on the inside opening to make the rubber slippery and then install on the fitting. Makes it far easier to install and the hose won't stick so bad next time it needs removal.

Use it to make all those dis-connectable wire connectors water resistant whenever you take one apart for some maintenance. It will save you the headache of corroded wire pins and electrical troubles.

NAPA sells silicone grease by the can, so it's a cheap thing to keep around.

Silicone Plumbing Grease (a different animal):

For all those who like to bleed brakes with the vacuum method. Get a hold of some silicone grease from Do It Best Hardware Stores, in the plumbing section. It comes in a little white plastic container, is clear, and is as thick as molasses and about as stringy. It is NOT a paste like dielectric grease is! Other hardware stores may sell this, but make sure it's silicone, stringy and clear. This particular stuff flows like honey, useful for my next tip.

When you go to bleed your brakes, clean off the bleeder screw well with brake cleaner spray and let dry. Make sure the bleeder screw can be turned and that it's not corroded in place, or this stuff will block any penetrant you need to use to free it.

Once you're sure it's not frozen shut, put a circle of this sticky silicone around the base of the bleeder screw right by the threads. It will then be slightly drawn into those threads when you open the bleeder and apply the vacuum, keeping air bubbles from being drawn past the bleeder threads and into the system. Be sure to clean off the excess after you're done bleeding the brakes so that it doesn't collect dirt and make sure you still have those little caps to put back on the bleeder. But the bonus is that some of this stuff gets drawn into the threaded area of the bleeder, which will prevent moisture from corroding and seizing the bleeder screw in the future.

If I think of any more tried and true tips I've come up with, I'll be glad to post them. If anyone else has a few, gladly tell us all.

Mighty Manfred, The Wonder Dog PT Cruiser
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Old 27 Apr 2012, 04:36 pm
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Default Re: Helpful tips thread

are you greek? reminds me of windex in "my big fat greek wedding" or my father with carmex. haha.. (:

on a side note you can use maalox as anti-seize.

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Old 27 Apr 2012, 07:20 pm
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Cool Re: Helpful tips thread

some good tips!

2001 PT Cruiser 5-speed; 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass S; 1990 Chevy 454SS; 1995 Caprice Classic woody
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