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My PT is overheating and now other issues

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Old 27 Apr 2012, 08:11 pm
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Default My PT is overheating and now other issues


I have been lurking and getting great advice on the site here for sometime now. I decided to register and say hello and also I have a few questions.

My 2001 PT started overheating about a year ago. It has not really been a big problem because at the time it never got real hot. Just a bit above the 1/2 mark.

A month or so ago this changed and it started getting boiling hot (never made it too the red mark).

So I started reading up on the site here and so far in the last two days I have changed the radiator (new) as well as the radiator fan (new) and also put a new thermostat in today.


While I changed everything I could think of cooling related, I put new antifreeze in and the thermostat never opened. Even after running if for about an hour idleing. So I checked back on the forums here and seen that it has a release valve. So I kept the PT running and loosened the screw and no air came out. Drove it around a couple of blocks and still no air came out and no antifreeze in the radiator.

Not sure what else to do here.

One other thing. As long as it set idle. It did not overheat. When I got in it to try and get some rpm's going to try and release the air in the radiator, the oil light came on and it started pinging like it was not getting oil.

I was not aware the radiator had anything to do with the oil. It is a rebuilt motor and no issues with the motor until this, so I am sure it is radiator, coolant related.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. going on 500.00 bucks on the PT in the last few days and still not running properly.


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Old 27 Apr 2012, 08:56 pm
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Default Re: My PT is overheating and now other issues

Okay, first of all in my defense. It has been A VERY LONG TIME since I've done any mechanic work other than changing the oil.

I did manage to change the radiator, radiator fan, thermostat with no issues to speak of other than the little red clip on the fan (which I solved by reading here).

That being said. Once I got everything back in place and connected and double checked. I added antifreeze to the reserve tank and DID NOT fill the radiator. I was under the assumption that once the pressurized system built up, it would pull it from the reserve and I would simply add more to the reserve tank.

I was not aware until I read more here on these forums that I had to fill the radiator as well as the reserve and then bleed the system via the valve on the thermostat housing.

All seems to be fine now. I am getting ready to take it for a spin, but it is NOT showing any symptoms that it was previous to me doing this.

So please excuse my stupidity. As I said, it has been years and years since I've picked up a wrench and used it.

I am 50 now and that was... well, lets just say over 30 years ago.

These forums are awesome. Thanks to whomever started them.

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Old 27 Apr 2012, 09:37 pm
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Default Re: My PT is overheating and now other issues

I just hope you didn't hurt the motor. When there is no water in the block the temp gauge dose nothing even though the engine is getting hot. I hope you got lucky. I really do.

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Old 29 Apr 2012, 11:13 pm
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Default Re: My PT is overheating and now other issues

It seems to be doing fine now. Other than the rough idle issue it was having previously. So I think I got lucky.

I am going to try and change the plugs and plug wires next to get rid of the rough idle issue.

Thanks for the reply though.

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Old 10 May 2012, 10:56 pm
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Default Re: My PT is overheating and now other issues

Guys, I've seen postings time and again about the radiator fans and guesses as to diagnosing the problems, overheating engines, etc. In the OEM Service Manual there is an entire section dedicated to the engine cooling system and how to troubleshoot it. I was going to post this in my library thread but it's locked, so I'll post it individually until Crewzin unlocks it.

Now, the service manuals are different for '06 and up, however if I were you and I was troubleshooting overheating problems, I'd download both because they both have excellent info in them.

Here they are, you can download directly from my web library:
2000-2005 PT Engine Cooling System
& 2006 and up PT Engine Cooling System.
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