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...Now What

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Old 11 Aug 2012, 07:58 pm
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Default ...Now What

Good evening once again,

Adding to my A/C and radiator fan issue ( In an earlier post I explained, and I have ordered a fan from the provided link, thanks Crewizn) Now I am getting the "Check engine light" in full stay with the code P 0456 that comes and goes. I have checked the site and around other places to find out that the codes has something to do with a possible fuel system leak. I checked my gas cap as first line of defense and it was on tight with a good seal. The code has come and gone now but my engine light has stayed on now for 3 cranks and two test drives, ( it came on while I was driving home, but noticed no difference in feel or drive).

I am wandering now if my car is in the famous "limp mode" that this car is know for. What has gotten my mechanic nerves on edge is that the car always wants to rev around 2300-2500 rpm's when normal driving. I have to punch it good for it to rev over that to change gears. I am just wandering if that is normal for a car with over 93,000 on it.

I do plan on changing the wires and plugs soon after my fan debacle, I am just looking for some insight into this issue. It is using all gears, so I think I am not in Limp Mode, but being my only car and all this happening right now is driving me up the wall.

fyi.....06 inferno red PT limited , non turbo with a little over 93,000

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Old 11 Aug 2012, 08:09 pm
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Default Re: ...Now What

Your P0456 fault (like the P0455) is most likely the gas cap. When fixed (tighten the cap or replace), the light takes awhile to go away, sometimes a day or so.

No it's not normal for the revs to stay high like you have but how is the idle. Are the revs still high. A vacuum leak in one of the few vacuum hose around the engine will cause high idle.

Your also nearing the time when the timing belt will need to be changed. Along with the belt, the water pump should be changed also.
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Old 11 Aug 2012, 08:46 pm
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Default Re: ...Now What

Yeah...I checked the gas cap and it was a little loose at first, go figure the wifey gased my car up last. Idle is good, it idles between I would say 550-650 on a normal day and after driving at a stoplight.

The question I had concerning my rev's was in reference to the car shifting gears while accelerating. With normal pressure on the gas pedal during acceleration, the transmission shifts gears normally, but I just find it interesting that you have to press the gas pedal with some force to get it over 3000 revs to accelerate faster. My car when accelerating between 40-70, it sometimes wants to stay between 2300-2500. I am going off an older Honda of mine that was a high rev'ing engine. Just food for thought I guess.

Thanks for the help Crewzin

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Old 11 Aug 2012, 08:56 pm
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Default Re: ...Now What

Actually your idle is a tad low, real good idle is at 750 to 780, and it should kick up a few when your AC compressor kicks on. Also, you need to clear your DTC's from the computer, and to do so you need to disconnect the negative lead from your battery, then give the brakes a few pumps (lights up the back end to bleed off any residual charge). Also I suggest after that, walk away for 10 to 15 minutes and just let it sit. For some reason it helps clear up everything.

The reconnect your battery and our codes should all be gone. This may also help your system set itself up for a "relearn" of sorts, meaning it's been unplugged for a bit and will want to get back up to speed.

Personally, I've left my battery unplugged overnight a few times, and even a full weekend once. Seems to clear the ghosts and other critters out of the system. When I work on a project, like this weekend, she remains disconnected with the battery on a deep, slow charge over the entire weekend. Really livens up the battery and all my issues that are computer related seem to disappear.
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