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Use of SeaFoam

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Old 13 Sep 2012, 06:51 pm
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Default Use of SeaFoam

I have a 2009 Touring, automatic, 70,000 miles. I've read from time to time about other folks using Sea Foam. So, since I was in Pep Boys for something else earlier today I thought I'd pick up some Sea Foam motor treatment as well. The Cruiser seems to run reasonable well and I really don't have any motor issues. I thought that maybe I'd dump some in just for maintance. But since my late Dad always told me not to mess with stuff that's working, I'm having second thoughts. I'd hate to be an hour or so from home and have the engine seize up or something because I used this stuff. So, I guess I'm lolking for some reassurance and some sense of what to expect after I put it in. It seems like all you do is pour the can in on a full tank and then let it work. Any insight or incouragement would be appreciated.
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Old 13 Sep 2012, 07:23 pm
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Default Re: Use of SeaFoam

that's the boring way to do it. you'll be fine.

the other way is far more spectacular/scary

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Old 13 Sep 2012, 07:31 pm
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Default Re: Use of SeaFoam

The seafoam helps clean your fuel lines and your injectors. Works very well, and I've been using it for at least 25 years now.

Here's the big secret - if you have a turbo, let a little oil out of the car before you want to change it, and pour 1/3rd of a bottle in your engine oil. Run the car, take it out on the highway, get it good and hot, then return home. Soon as it's cool enough, change the oil. The big gain here, for turbos, is that it helps clean out the cooling pipes that run around the turbo, also helps remove some of the coking that tends to clog up those oil pipes.

For any other NA, it's great for removing grunge from the engine. Sludge, gunk, etc., will break down, but you have to empty the oil while it's still pretty warm. Meaning don't wait until it's totally cool, and if you pull the oil pan bolt, wear gloves and don't get the hot oil on your hands. You'll see lumps of crud coming out if you do it right. Really does a good job cleaning your system.

Now, on your PT, I would suggest running synth-oil. Regardless of if it's a turbo or not, running synthetic is so much better. You can buy a 5 quart big arsed jug at Walmart for $24. Way cheaper than anyplace I've seen, and I've looked everywhere. I bought a 6 quart case at BJ's Wholesale for $39, thinking I was saving money until I found it at Walmart (I hardly ever shop there!).
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Old 13 Sep 2012, 07:45 pm
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Default Re: Use of SeaFoam

OMG I just read about dumping it in the pcv ! sounds nutso.. and here in Canada ( NAPA ) I just got 5L of QS Ultimate 5w20 full synth for $25 ! Glorious.. half price ! Long Live BIG OIL
'03 GT Blue/ autostick.. 160,000KM ( That's 100,000miles for y'all South of the border ) All the options, the heated leather is a must up here in Canada, Love the solid heavy duty feel and obvious Torque.. The Turbo is strong, fast and reliable.. People that don't understand the love of a PT, probably don't deserve to.
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