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No heat at all.....06 PT

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Old 16 Feb 2013, 10:45 pm
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Angry No heat at all.....06 PT

So I had a bad thermostat. I replaced it with a fail safe one. I flushed my system I burped it new fluid and so on. My engine light came one about a week later. I checked the code it said thermostat. Some one before suggested not to use a fail safe thermostat. My car would run extremely cool. The hottest it would get would be a quarter of the way up the temp gauge no matter if it was city or freeway and no heat from my heater.
So I replaced the thermostat again with a normal one non fail safe. I went to the dealer they didnt have any thermostats the guy there said they are on back order since September and they get in the duralast ones to sell to people. So off to auto zone got a duralast thermostat non fail safe one. I pulled out my thermostat the fail safe one was stuck in the open position. I took out the thermostat pulled the rubber seal off it and put it back in my housing. I then flushed my system with the heater on full blast the car running bottom radiator hose detached till the water ran clear. I put in the new thermostat reattached the hose put fluid in all that stuff and burped the crap out of my system from the burp valve as well as using one of the safe funnel things you can leave your cap off the radiator and put fluid in squeezed the radiator hoses as well. Did it till no more bubbles were coming out of the bleed valve first then closed that and used the funnel thing. Car is running at the proper temp now fan is coming on both low and high speed for the radiator.

I still have no heat though. If i put it on cold let it run then switch it to heat its the same temp and vise versa. I checked the heater core hoses on my fire wall. The bottom hose is hot like the fluid should be but the top hose is cool to the touch. If i squeeze the bottom hose with the funnel thing attached the water level moved same if I squeezed the top heater core hose. So is my core some how clogged and its not circulating thats why the top core hose is cool?? Or could it be a fuse not opening something up??
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Old 17 Feb 2013, 05:13 am
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Default Re: No heat at all.....06 PT

Obviously, something is keeping the antifreeze from circulating through the heater core. So the first thing to do is to find out why. I would look at the heater control valve to make sure it's working properly. You mentioned that your heater core might be clogged. That IS a possibility but I doubt that it's clogged because your vehicle is only 7 years old. You've already drained, refilled, and bled the cooling system so we know that your loss of heat isn't caused by a low fluid level. You said that you felt both heater hoses and only one was hot. I would check to make sure your climate controls are working properly. The only other thing I can think of is a short somewhere in the system. I'm not experienced in electrical so at this point, I'd take it to the dealer and have them diagnose the problem.
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Old 17 Feb 2013, 09:39 am
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Default Re: No heat at all.....06 PT

Unless they have changed on the second gen the heater core should be flowing all the time. No shut off valve. So I think your stopped up.. why not carefully remove heater hose and see if you can get water to flow through.

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Old 17 Feb 2013, 07:08 pm
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Default Re: No heat at all.....06 PT

I did have to take my radio out cuz my kid pushed the screen in. I soldered the screen back on where he pushed it out lucky he didnt brake the screen. I didnt removed any of the control stuff just removed the outer panel and took out the radio. I might have disconnected something. I will check it again. My car was in a accident a while ago my kids mom bashed it up a bit they replaced the radiator and fixed my car back to new. I have a feeling the place that fixed my car (it wasnt the dealership) might have used the wrong radiator fluid. When I removed my original thermostat there seamed to be a bit of gunk on it. And the first time I flushed my system some stuff came out.

Thanks for the suggestions guys I will check the panel and flush the heater core and let you know what happens.
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Old 18 Feb 2013, 01:37 am
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Default Re: No heat at all.....06 PT

Check for a kinked heater hose first. If ok, then do as Busted said. Disconnect both hoses at the block, then backflush by forcing water thru the 'cold' hose first. Use a clean drainpan to collect what comes out of the other hose. NOTE: Do NOT exceed 15 psi pressure. Then flush in both directions till clear.
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