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clutch questions, 170 Sachs on ebay but part number questionable

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Old 01 Mar 2013, 10:19 pm
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Default clutch questions, 170 Sachs on ebay but part number questionable

now that my engine is pulled (non Turbo, T350 tranny), I am tempted to put a clutch on this 80Kmi `03 just to save grief later.
Doing a clutch, in car, does not seem to be a nightmare in these PT cars, but avoid it some day soon is almost worth the cost in this situation.

Current clutch required a full flooring of the pedal to smooth into 1st and almost a little double clutch action to get fully into in reverse. I realize the slave, throwout or even the shift rod adjustment could be at fault, and I had not pump/bled the slave as of yet ... (man that is a interesting process - hang slave down and cycle to rise bubbles ... news to me)

but upon fuller inspection, the clutch finger springs under the throw out are grooved a lot deeper ( maybe 50% of metal thickness) than I prefer to see.
Have not looked at the friction material yet so Idunno. I don't really like this modular deal ; seem to save a tiny bit of labor just to jack up the price, and those thin head bolt through the ring gear / flyweight flywheel are BS ( no straight in access, and is a three handed job )

Of course I don't know if the DPO used to ride the clutch pedal or maybe hold it in gear at a stop light (I hate that) but I suspect, like all previous owners the DPO was a rank idiot. No offense you guys selling cars


There is a guy on ebay now listing Sachs clutches, w/ throw out, for $170 shipped, which is even cheaper than rockAuto ($286 !), so yeah I'm interested.

HOWEVER, while ebay vendor goes to the trouble to describe this as a modular clutch (thats good) , then lists the Sachs number as K70131-01 (interchange 05-102).
Search that PN on Rockauto, calls that P# NOT for the PT (thats bad), but for cars like

CHRYSLER SEBRING (1995 - 1999)
DODGE AVENGER (1995 - 1999)
DODGE NEON (1996 - 2005)
DODGE STRATUS (1995 - 2000)
EAGLE TALON (1995 - 1998)
MITSU ECLIPSE (1995 - 1999)
PLYMOUTH BREEZE (1996 - 2000)
PLYMOUTH NEON (1996 - 2001)

In fact the Rockauto listing for the 03 PT / Sachs is the SK70300, and lists the ONLY fitment as

Now my questions;

- Naturally I am going to water board the ebay vendor to verify his listing info,
but has anyone run into this before ?

- Is there something really unique about the PT, and those other cars clutches are not compatible ?

- BTW, how many miles did some of your clutches make it ?
80K miles is a little early but peace of mind has gotta be worth something.
$170 is kind of no brainer tipping point, but $280 is a little discouraging.
Also thanks to somebody on another thread ( search Sachs) for the line to mopar-wholesale, with a OEM for $230, probably no throwout.

- Lastly, inside the clutch there is of course the diaphragm or finger springs. There is also a sort of similar three narrow finger spring that is NOT actually connected to the main spring, many-fingered diaphragm spring. These narrow fingers lie spaced out between the main fingers, and this is sort of loose, has some wiggle to it.

I have never seen that before, and as I am doing all this mechanic kosplay to find a mystery knock, I wonder if that 'accessory' spring ( what the hell is it ?)
SHOULD this wee spring normally be loose like that (although it doesn't quite have the sound / pitch I am looking for, it makes me think, or doesn't it ?)

thanks for reading this much , I try to be specific and clear, your comments are appreciated

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Old 02 Mar 2013, 08:58 pm
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Default Re: clutch questions, 170 Sachs on ebay but part number questionable

Clutches for PT and PL (Neon) swap, except SRT 4 (you need to have the flywheel cut down to clear starter or something)

*1995, conventional clutch (You'd need flywheel and longer crank bolts)
* '96-05 'Modular clutch'

PT uses a higher capacity clutch; it has a high torque engine relative the PL and is MUCH heavier

2.7 had a manual one year; 2003. It's now the favored clutch for Neon guys.

GT / SRT4 don't know.

All the reading you'd care to do: • View topic - PT and 2.7 Stratus Clutch information

I think what you're talking about is the self adjuster or 'Yellow Spring' cover.
You're used to looking at a plain, conventional cover.
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Old 06 Apr 2013, 06:34 pm
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Default Re: clutch questions, 170 Sachs on ebay but part number questionable

The clutch on my PT has been good, up until about 1,000 miles ago. The shift grommets are good (Booger Bushings) but there is occasional difficulty in getting it into, or out of, gear.

It has about 145,000 miles on it.
Bone Stock 2003
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Old 07 Apr 2013, 01:45 am
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Default Re: clutch questions, 170 Sachs on ebay but part number questionable

There's an adjustment under dash
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