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2005 PT Drove home, died with O2 sensor code

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Old 02 Mar 2013, 08:02 pm
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Default 2005 PT Drove home, died with O2 sensor code

We had the O2 sensor light on, then it went off. Kept driving. Then back on during a 400 mile trip in one day with lots of stops. We get home and the next morning it would not start. It would crank all day, sort of start, but never complete to running. I replaced the O2 sensor, it looked worn out, like a 60k mile plug. Cleared the code. Tried to start again and again, now have a high air conditioning pressure code. Oy

I should mention that I have replaced the crankshaft sensor about 4 times. We are at 120k miles. I've searched the forums here and cannot find a case like this exactly. I did buy a map sensor because of one thread, will install when it stops raining. I have jumped it along with the A OK battery (read that in a thread for more juice), it has almost full gas, oil up to the line, etc. on fluids. I removed and cleaned with electronic cleaner and a metal brush all or any point that I could find. They were all clean anyway. A friend came over and we tried quick engine start spray and that almost worked for 15 seconds. Plug points look fine.

I'm trying to figure out what will let it crank over, almost start for 5 sec, and not start. Even the crankshaft sensor started in limp home mode when it was out. Engine is clean, zero other issues with anything.

Thank you for any ideas or paths to follow for trouble shooting.
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Old 02 Mar 2013, 08:58 pm
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Default Re: 2005 PT Drove home, died with O2 sensor code

First, if you've replaced the Crankshaft sensor 4 times, your not using MOPAR/Chrysler parts. Sensors from aftermarket dealers either don't work or work for a very short time. They may look the same but aren't.

Second, has the timing belt been changed? They only last for around 100,000 miles and your way past that point. Check that.

Third: Spark and fuel; needs to be checked if your getting both.
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Old 03 Mar 2013, 01:03 am
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Default Re: 2005 PT Drove home, died with O2 sensor code

Absolutely on the parts! The 4th one came from the dealer. Again, after I found this forum about a year ago. Probably your post on that. I'm on a new PC and lost my links, there was a step by step with pictures of how to replace the 1st one - with the note to buy real parts and not knock offs.

It's not as easy to buy parts at the dealership as I thought. They sort of ran me around and I asked for a manager. So when I bought the O2 sensor, the service department manager said that it wasn't the problem with my starting problem. Still, I see a code, I replace it.

I said that I was going to buy a fuel pressure kit and he said immediately "That's not it". He can only go so far because the service department is not there for advice. Then I read somewhere in here that you can test the master coil by hooking up a plug and wire. So I though that I could test all of them as well by seeing a spark.

I'll have to give up if the MAP sensor doesn't do it. The cost of a coil is worth paying a mechanic. $70 for a tow and $120 for an estimate. I'm getting too old for this anymore and the computer cars are winning. I can still take apart my Bronco down to a pile of pieces and put it back together. The PT is like a sensor storage site.

Thank you for replying, I will update after the install tomorrow of the MAP sensor.

The timing belt will probably be a part of the estimate. I'm not doing that.
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Old 03 Mar 2013, 02:19 am
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Default Re: 2005 PT Drove home, died with O2 sensor code

The crankshaft sensor and the camshaft work together in order to fire the correct plug at the correct time. The intake manifold might be flooded by now. Chrysler coils are pretty dependable.
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