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Replace A/C Suction hose & low pressure valve?

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Old 22 Apr 2013, 03:04 am
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Default Replace A/C Suction hose & low pressure valve?

How easy is it to replace the suction line, part # 5058001AG and the low pressure line valve, part # 5003461AA?
I have only very basic tools and the Chrysler dealer wants over $600 to do it. Most of that is labour, and of course, they are charging much more for the parts than I would pay if I bought them for myself. For instance, for the hose they are charging $ 137.76 and for the valve $28.90 before taxes. They are charging $426.32 for labour. Outrageous! I can buy both parts online and have them shipped to me for under $100. I'm thinking if I can do it myself, then I can drop the whole cost to close to $150 for parts and the recharge. Huge price difference and means the difference between having A/C in my car or not. I would prefer to have it, of course.
So is this a somewhat easy job and if so, how long should it take a complete novice to do?
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Old 22 Apr 2013, 05:30 am
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Default Re: Replace A/C Suction hose & low pressure valve?

I can't speak about the hose but if what you calling the "low pressure line valve" is what I call the "recycling valve" in the picture below, it's pretty easy. Just take off the electrical connection and use gentle force to unscrew the valve counter-clockwise. No R134a is lost in the process. Just be careful of the small "O" ring on the threads of the valve. The new valve should come with a new "O" ring and it squashes pretty easy so, again, be gentle when screwing the new valve back on.

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Old 22 Apr 2013, 04:21 pm
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Default Re: Replace A/C Suction hose & low pressure valve?

Crewzin... Part #5003461AA I believe is the valve in the line with is like a "schrader" valve. I believe that comes installed with the line
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Old 22 Apr 2013, 04:34 pm
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Default Re: Replace A/C Suction hose & low pressure valve?

OK, I do believe I read somewhere, as you say, that is IS in the line when you buy it. Thanks.
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Old 22 Apr 2013, 06:55 pm
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Default Re: Replace A/C Suction hose & low pressure valve?

I'm actually getting ready to replace my AC Suction hose. I blew it out and it's leaked right onto the power steering pulley, causing all kinds of bizarre noises. I bought the new hose from my friends at the dealership for $105. There is a fairly simple, but lengthy process when you replace that and the valve.

You have to first pull down any of the R134a refrigerant in your system. Once that's sucked dry, then you can release any pressure/suction off the system. Take the hose off, and to replace the hose you'll have to jack up the front, take off the right front tire/wheel, and maybe remove the fender well liner (might or might not be able to get to the bolts with it on, depends on the model and type of engine). The top end of the hose is easy to replace, it's the bottom end that's a bit of a PITA.

Once you replace the hose, you need to vacuum down your system for a minimum of 12 hours. Yes, that's right, minimum 12 hours! Depends on the type of vacuum you're going to use and the vacuum suction from it. You must insure your AC systems hoses are completely dry, otherwise you end up wrecking/ruining your accumulator, then that's more money to spend.

After it's been sucked for 12 hours, you need to hook your gauges up and let them stand for a half hour. First, check the pressure on the system, then in a half hour if it's the same and hasn't changed, then your system is good to go. Now you have to re-pressurize with R134a refrigerant.

I've been doing this for some time and am about to start on my PT with a complete tear down. Will do photos and a video shoot for others here on the forums.

Now, one thing I am willing to do for forum members, is to loan the equipment - manifold gauges, high-end vacuum, etc. However, I think the cost of shipping to/from here would not be worth it for you. Might be better to buy them yourself, let me know your thoughts. The vacuum pump is VERY heavy, but then it's a very high-end unit and requires only 12 hours of suction, if even that long. My zip code here is 28117, so you can check to see the cost. I'll get the weights and box dimensions if you're interested.

EDIT - Oh, one other thing, major issue - again remarking on the accumulator, it's actually a desiccant tank used to keep the system internally dry. If you blow a line and open it, like say remove the hose and leave your system open, then you've exposed the accumulator to moisture and have ruined it. There is no easy nor logical way to replace just the desiccant, you have to replace the entire accumulator. Down here in NC, they cost $54, so I assume they are going to be close to $100 up there.

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Old 19 Mar 2016, 01:11 am
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Default Re: Replace A/C Suction hose & low pressure valve?

The valve core itself is replaceable, or replace the the whole fitting.But its better to replace it with the help of professionals and AC SERVICE CYPRESS are potential option to hire.I personally hire them and seriously they are experts.
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