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Fuse box bad?

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Old 01 Sep 2013, 12:39 pm
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Default Fuse box bad?

I have a 06 Cruiser.

said NO BUS, took to the dealer, discovered that the fuse box went bad, which caused the PCM to go out. I have replaced the PCM (at the dealer) But I didnt have the money to get the fuse box replaced from them, so we towed it home. I have ordered a new fuse box which will be here tuesday, but I was wondering if anyone knew if its possible to change at home? The dealer says "found fuse box has short internally" I am not totally certain as to what that means. before we had it towed in originally all the fuses say they are good. I have no idea. lol any advice?
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Old 01 Sep 2013, 02:25 pm
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Question Re: Fuse box bad?

I would be wondering what caused it to short in the first place;Because if the problem still exists,the new fuse box may end up shorting out also......And ruin the new PCM...Again.
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Old 01 Sep 2013, 03:55 pm
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Default Re: Fuse box bad?

OMG! I'm in an '06 also, and with the CAN buss system, you will get lots of mechanics who will tell you all kinds of lies about problems in the system so they can charge you an arm and a leg to fix it, yet it takes only minutes!

So, back to Randy's question - sort of - how did you kill the PCM??? I've been told three times now by mechanics that my PCM and TIPM were dead. I had blown rear tail lights and they were going to charge me for a new TIPM to fix it.

That is the largest chunk of Camel Malarky on the planet!

So, to be able to help you with your issue - How on earth did you kill the PCM and how did you short the fuse box?

Let me tell you about what happened to me less than a week ago. Was raining so hard one night I should have just pulled over, found a bar, and sat with a drink in my hand and forgot about going home. I've had the right front 'splash guard' off my car for a couple of months now and just haven't put it back on yet.

It was raining so hard I could barely see, and I was traveling no faster than 35mph (Down I-95 through downtown Richmond). Moved off to 195/Powhite Parkway as it's a toll road and less traffic. What I was not aware of is that there are areas on both I-95 and Powhite that are very low to the ground and when it rains, well, it's like running through a shallow swimming pool!

That being said, I came around a curve just before exiting, there was a huge, beautiful F250 in the road blocking both lanes. It had hit the 'pond' and skated into the median wall. Dang, smashed the crap out of the front end! So I slowed down, cops were there so kept going, about 25 mph. An idiot in a car goes by me at probably 70mph and scares the living daylights out of me! The reason being, he/she hit another 'pond' and the water that hit me almost stopped my car! I swear, it was like getting hit by a tidal wave! Add to it, the driver almost lost it! Very lucky, that person was.

So, about 200 yards after I'm exiting onto Courthouse Road, and then right after I get off, OMG, I go right through a pond of unbelievable depth! Lights flickering, belts squealing, stereo on and off, everything freaking out. Two cars and a pickup behind me slamming on their brakes, honking their horns... I had no idea that I narrowly missed the median sign! Was maybe 1 foot from my left front end!

Got home the next morning I opened the hood as I was very concerned about the amount of water that got onto the engine. When I opened it, OMG I almost fainted. Everything was wet! Even the fuse box was full of water! I drained everything, got a shop vac and sucked it all dry (yes, sounds funny).

Now, my bass amp is blown, because the lines to the amp were under water and shorted out, but it's not in the PCM or the fuse panel, they are working fabulously! So, how on earth did you kill yours???
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Old 02 Sep 2013, 02:00 pm
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Default Re: Fuse box bad?

I am not sure how it went bad exactly. It went through one of those auto car washes and halfway through it, it died and when trying to turn back on, the cluster said NO BUS. Friend of mine, is the service manager for a Chrysler dealer in Florida. He said it could be a few things, but usually with the 06 it means bad pcm. I had it towed to a mechanic a few miles from my house. He scanned it and it said the PCM was bad. ok, so we ordered one, got it and had it taken to the dealer, that PCM was bad, so I had to wait for the new one. Had the dealer put the new one in, and program it. When he programmed it, he could scan the car again and it was the FUSE BOX. Had the car towed home again. Have a new fuse box coming on tuesday. either way. both the pcm and the fuse box are under warranty... if this doesnt fix it.. im selling it.
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