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Timing slightly off = Bad gas mileage?

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Old 07 Sep 2013, 04:29 pm
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Default Timing slightly off = Bad gas mileage?

Hi guys!

So, i drive a 1999 Plymouth Breeze with the 2.4L engine you guys all know and love. Car weighs a bit less than the PT, so i would expect decent gas mileage, since the PT isn't known for being terrible.

I'm getting about 15-19 city, and about 22 highway. I know people with Chevy Full size pickups from the early 90s that get better mileage than that. I've done everything i can think of... Replace spark plugs, air filter, PCV valve, O2 sensors, and even ATF thinking that maybe the tranny could be slipping. Nothing seems to have helped.

When i got the car, it needed a timing belt and tensioner. My friend and i replaced the tensioner, belt, and idler. (Left the water pump alone, since it looked fine) First try? Timing ended up way off between intake and exhaust cams, and it was running super super rich, and getting about 12MPG, and liked to stall during decel. Car was also surging and loping at idle. So, went back, and redid the timing... We ended up doing it 3 times before it looked close enough to be happy. Started the car, and it started right up and ran fine. Since it was so late, we put it back together, and went home.

So, here we are a few months later, and i'm still not happy with the gas mileage... It runs fine, but at idle, my Ultraguage shows the ignition timing moving from between 10-18 degrees advance. It'll run up to 18, and then idle a bit rough, and fall down to 10, and then creep back up, and the cycle repeats. The roughness is very faint, and i figured it was just part of the 4 banger deal, but i feel like if it should be able to run really smooth for a second, it should be able to do it all the time, right? Instead of smooth-rough-smooth-rough.

The other night, i was at a friends house idling. AC was on low, so the compressor was cycling. Every time the compressor cycled on, the car would nearly stall. It never did, and always recovered, but i had never seen it do anything like that before, except when it needed the belt in the beginning. I'm not sure if this would have anything to do with timing or not, but i figure i should include this for you guys.

I'm mainly just wanting to make sure if i pull the world apart and re-do the timing belt, again, that i will be getting something out of it... Namely the 30MPG highway that most people get out of the Breeze...
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Old 07 Sep 2013, 04:31 pm
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Default Re: Timing slightly off = Bad gas mileage?

Welcome breezer

Seems like you are missing your breeze

Not sure why you said you drive we all know and love, certainly not love, ugh

The gas mileage on our pt's suck

This is not a breeze

If you want fuel economy buy a Prius

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