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Q's: Fuel System, Cruise Control, and more...

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Old 31 Jan 2014, 01:59 am
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Default Q's: Fuel System, Cruise Control, and more...

Okay, I have a few things to puke out here. I have a 2003 PT cruiser, Non-Turbo, Touring Edition, Automatic, Non-ABS, Sea Green, Hardtop. Mouthful.

I have a range of questions now, and it's taken a long time to get to the point of coming here to the people who I think should (hopefully) know most if not all of the answers.

First, the engine light. I've determined that the trouble code P0441 is the one turning it on, and I want to turn it off. I know the code relates to the fuel system, and basically it can't determine if there's a leak or not, so it shoots 0441 at me and acts like there is one just in case. The 0441 code is related to an "EVAP Purge Solenoid" in most places.
However, I'm not sure if fixing it will involve replacing this or this.

There's another issue that I'm a little suspicious of. By that I mena it looks to me like it goes hand in hand with the 0441 up there.

My cruise control is throwing 0582 and 0586 at me. Something about a cruise control vacuum, then vent, solenoid, respectively.

I know the servo is damaged, but only at the cable. The tip of the servo where it leads off into the cable is broken and the cable housing is free(as in free to move closer to the servo, reducing the tension), but I managed to secure the housing in its proper place with a very tight zip tie and some duct tape. That brought up an interesting effect. Before, the cruise control would do nothing when activated, except flash the VFD light on top of the odometer on, then off, and remain inoperable until the next driving session- where similar results could be acquired.

After securing the housing again, a different effect is produced by pressing the cruise control button. It actually PULLS the throttle momentarily, instead of doing nothing. Otherwise, the results are the same as before. Cruise light on, Cruise light off, Cruise light no turn back on.

I understand Cruise Control isn't a vital thing, but I'd still like to get things fixed while it's just one thing that needs fixing, instead of a whole bunch of stuff all over the car. I just wonder, in this case, if these "vent"/"purge" solenoids aren't the same part- especially since I can't seem to find any specific Cruise Control Vent Solenoids on any parts store website anywhere. Only the EVAP/canister purge solenoids/valves. If the above solenoids are in fact all their own pieces, then I guess I need help finding them.

I also have an intermittent P0522 code, related to the oil pressure sensor. I've heard varying things about changing them, mainly to do with the socket it takes to remove it. I've heard nothing about the actual procedure regardless of socket, though.

Next, I've been told that my downshift cable is damaged or broken. I'm not sure what symptoms to look for, or what place to actually look at under the car to see this for myself. I don't know how severe it is, but I do know the car seems to be downshifting normally.

Now on to the less vital stuff. I want to go HID for the headlights, but can't seem to find anything more than about $80, and my roommate(who claims to know alot about cars, yet thought it was okay to put water in the cooling system during the week of freezing temperatures before we got the radiator replaced) is bitching at me about cheap knock-offs, etc.

These are the kits I'm looking at.
Option 1 and Option 2

Any ideas? Feedback?

I also want to switch the tail/stop, turn, and reverse lights to LED. The reverse and tail are easy, I think. I don't need a special load resistor or anything for those to work. I do need an electronic flasher for the turn signals, though- I'd rather do that than try to phedangle in the load resistors on each bulb.

I don't know what flashers will work though. I see lots of 5-pin flashers, but apparently there's some special thing about the one for the PT? Some I see for pt are listed as "2 turn, 4 hazard +accessories. Others lack that "+accessories" part.

This is one of the ones I've found. This is another.

Again, thoughts?

That's about it. A lot, I know, but this cruiser does need/want a lot of work still. There are many more things going on than I mentioned here, but I don't want to make too big a post.
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