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Serious PT Problem

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Old 24 Feb 2014, 09:55 am
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Default Serious PT Problem

I'm trying to get my sister's 2007 PT Cruiser working. It is a no start/no crank situation. It's a 2.4L NON Turbo with automatic transaxle.

Here's what I've done so far.

Changed out battery with NEW battery and checked all cables and the grounding screw on driver side fender well for cleanness and tightness. Checked ALL fuses and they are good.

Run jumper wire to starter from batter, starter works. Turned key to ON position and jumpered starter. It will turn over, but acts like it doesn't have spark or fuel even though key is in ON position.

Tested starter relay and ASD relay. Both are good.

Checked power from ignition on start. Power is available.

Ran key-turn self diagnostic - get lines and then "done", but no errors. I've attached a code reader, but for some reason get a "NO LINK" error on the reader. I will check data port for power later.

Here's what works normally: radio, ac/heater fan, instrument panel, fuel pump pressurizes for a few seconds on key turn like it's supposed to, headlights, cooling fan will come on after turning key three times as well.

Some things that don't work: Obviously it doesn't crank or start, NO indicators on instrument panel for gear selection (PRND), Reverse lights do NOT come on when vehicle is in Reverse.

I have tried wiggling the gear shift as well as trying to start in ALL gears, but no luck.

I am using the original Key Fob that came with vehicle and it DOES lock/unlock doors with key press. And, I DO get power from ignition when trying to start on yellow wire from ignition...this leads me to believe that it is NOT the SKIM. Also, the red security light turns OFF 1-2 seconds after key is turned to ON position.

Here's what I've ruled out: SKIM, Starter, Relays, Battery.

Here's what I'm suspecting: It's either the Transmission Position Sensor or the PCM, I think. The fact that no gear selection shows up on instrument panel AND reverse lights don't work leads me to believe it's the TPS.

I need opinions on this, please! Changing out the TPS will be a pretty significant job so I want to be pretty sure before I tackle it.

I have also been told that there are places on Internet where I can supply VIN number and they will preprogram a new PCM and send it to me if that turns out to be the problem. Does this sound legitimate?
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Old 24 Feb 2014, 10:14 am
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Lightbulb Re: Serious PT Problem

Good news/Bad news.......
The good news is;You've done your homework,with checking all the things you have checked.
The bad news is;based on 2-3 things you've mentioned,more than likely it is the TIPM......On the Gen-2 PT Cruisers,they use a Can-Bus system,that has been found to have more than a few quirks,and on occassion have been known to fail,or randomly need to be re-flashed.
TIPM Your going to hear a lot about this

But,I would suggest you just hang tight,and see what some other members may suggest,just in case I've missed the mark.
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Old 25 Feb 2014, 04:32 am
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Default Re: Serious PT Problem

TPS = throttle position sensor
TRS = transmission range sensor

The TRS rarely goes bad. My guess is that you have a wiring/connector issue. The back-up lights system involves the TRS, PCM, TIPM, ignition switch, connectors; and they have to talk to eachother. Putting the key on 'run' with the trans in reverse might act as a 'test light' while wiggling stuff around, and having someone else watch the b.u. lights. Note, I don't know if the b.u. lights are on a time limit like the fuel pump.
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Old 25 Feb 2014, 04:45 am
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Default Re: Serious PT Problem

Tea; my 2006 has 2 grounding screws on the left fender. And 1 grounding screw on the right fender, which is very difficult to see!
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Old 10 Mar 2014, 02:16 pm
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Default Re: Serious PT Problem

Thanks for all the input, everyone. Let me bring you up to speed. I read a lot of different post by a lot of different people on the issue. I decided to replace the Transmission Range Sensor. All in all, it wasn't that bad of an ordeal. Got it all put back together and guess what? Same thing...nothing happens when I turn to start. There's only one other possibility in that area. I noticed when I took the TRS out that the plate it slides on has grooves worn into it where the contacts from the sensor have rubbed. I know that could be an issue if it's not making contact.

So, my next step is going to be to see if I can bypass the TRS and get the car to crank.

Here's something else I tried today.

I turned the key to the RUN position and bypassed the starter relay by connecting a wire straight from the positive terminal of the battery to pin 87 in relay wiring harness. The starter engaged and turned the engine over, but it acted like it had no fuel. Next, I bypassed the ASD relay to get the fuel pump to pressurize and repeated the above steps. Still it would turn over, but never crank. Next, I did all of the above AND removed the plug wire from cylinder 1 at the coil and tested for a spark while the engine was turning over. NO SPARK!

If the TRS was the culprit, would it disable the entire ignition system or just the starter circuit?

Another piece of information. When I turn ignition to "start", I only get 10 volts at the Starter Relay. I know that's low, but I DON"T think the ignition switch would be the problem since I have bypassed the starter relay and still can't get the car to crank.

Another question: How would I go about testing the TPIM?

How would I test the PCM? (I get a "NO LINK" when I attach code reader)

This whole thing has got me scratching my head and I DON'T want to just keep throwing money at it. The TRS wasn't that expensive, but it was time consuming. Any more ideas?
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Old 10 Mar 2014, 02:43 pm
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Default Re: Serious PT Problem

Since nobody asked, and you didn't say....what mileage is your sister's PT have on it?
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