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TommyBlazin 13 Apr 2014 07:45 pm

Turbo Adjuster
today, we installed drilled rotors all around, ceramic brakes,and some type of dial in psi boost, made a BIG difference in power, i just have to watch, it hangs around 10 spikes 17 or so, less if my auto driven in auto shift, if in full auto it would spike threw the roof, anyhow we also installed a boost gauge, and in the pillar he tapped a yellow striped line, and grounded gauge down low, now tonight go for ride, the boost gauge lights up, but not my cluster, radio, heat cool gauges,, NOTHING, should he just run power leg to that fuse box under hood, and put a spade connector on, and screw under that positive nut there? that seems safer to me, now 'im screwed, i'm not sure if i just cut the wire loose, he used this blue clamp and crimp deal, and yes i changed fuse for cluster, and checked em all, and i have to thank Nitro Pt if it wasn't for him, my bozo friend was tapping the turbo sensor wires, anyway nitro got us going, and everything worked out in that dept, so THANKYOU Nitro Pt!! any guy who can diagnose and fix a problem as fast as he did over the phone is good in my book...

also anyone have a link for the new pillar that will fit in our cars, the ones at auto zone are to small, im sure someone now's the right only 2 pods needed, thanks, right now i have the single holder looks a lil ghetto, my cars getting to be on FIRE< im getting the taste for speed,in tune should be here this week, alone with the 3'o2 90, and a 3' down flow pipe w/high-flow cats by needs-wings, to drop in , than i will get a complete exhaust from there out week, turbo comes out for a rebuild and a lil bore job...

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