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2007 PT Cruiser Timing Belt change

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Old 02 Aug 2014, 08:11 pm
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Cool 2007 PT Cruiser Timing Belt change

What I learned about the timing belt.

I'm a 52 yr old shade tree mechanic. I can replace most anything attached to the car. Never really go anywhere inside the engine till I had to save money on a timing belt cause one on a PT is so darned expensive. So here's what I can pass on from the experience.

A. You better have someone to help. Not saying you can't do yourself, but sure better with a helper. Even better if your helper has done a timing belt.

B. This is a large job. The timing belt has tricks of its own but getting to the belt in the tiny space Chrysler left you to work in is what costs so much.

C. IT IS NOT AN INTERFERENCE ENGINE! If you were pulling a trailer uphill with it floored, or were doing 80 When she cut lose, you may have some valve issues.

D. You do not have to take the AC apart.

E. There is an cast iron engine support (not mount) on the passenger side of the engine that is a bear to remove! Not a little cute bear... A chahonkin Kodak bear. You will only accomplish this after figuring out you need to take more motor mounts on the left (passenger) side of the engine off and with a jack or better yet tranny stand, raise and lower the engine several times to move it about. It will come out - you will need a decent offset boxed wrench to do this.

F. Dang, you can raise the engine up a bunch!

G. Don't have to disconnect the muffler.

H. Don't have to disconnect any CV Axels.

I. Take the dang left Headlight out! There's a few reasons but there is a bracket in the left side, L shaped, black, that holds a motor mount. There is a bolt in the inside that I could only get to by putting three extensions on and a swivel, go through the headlight and bust her loose. Another trick I saw on the internet was for the three bolts on the chahonkin cast iron piece the is attached to the power steering pump (thought you were done with that cast iron piece when you took out those three bolts, didn't you!). So you take out your battery and if you stick your head in your battery bay and look to the left, Ta Da! you are looking across at the three bolts that hold your power steering pump on! Three extensions and there you go.

J. Need a special wheel puller for Chrysler Harmonic Balancer.

K. We had the type of tensioner that did not have the little pin you pull out, so I can't speak to that. But the one we had whoever writes the instructions about loosening the nut and putting a 6mm hex head in to adjust simply doesn't make sense! It is simply an eccentric. You loosen the little nut and swivel the thing to its furthest point in away for the belt possible. Then when you are trying to get the stubborn belt on it will almost make it.

L. This guy is worth following... Following the book for the first coule hours never resulted in an aligned belt here is the procedure that finally worked for us on a 2.4 non turbo pt cruiser 07.

1. with the belt completely off use a ruler across the 4 timing marks of the intake and exhaust cam sprockets and mark one indented tooth at the top of each sprocket to the rear timing cover while you have them held in the perfectly aligned position with a marker. Will need two 18mm wrenches for this so the ruler can sit across the four marks while you turn the sprockets with the wrenches.

2. Use a screwdriver to push the tab on the rear of the timing belt tensioner as far clockwise as possible - then lock it in place with the 13mm lock bolt.

3. put the timing mark of the crank 1 full tooth counter clockwise of the timing mark on the crank case. We used the rising edge of the teeth as that is where the mark on the crank timing sprocket is (not in the center of the tooth).

4. put the timing belt on the crank, water pump, idler pulley

5. use 18mm wrench to align intake sprocket mark with mark on rear timing cover created in step 1 above.

6. put timing belt over intake and exhaust timing sprockets but only hold the teeth of the belt to the intake sprocket - the exhaust can still be turned without moving the belt. Intake is still held in place by the wrench - ensure crank hasn't moved from position placed in step 3.

7. While still holding the intake from moving with a wrench use another wrench on exhuast sprocket to align marks from step one and now engage exhaust sprocket teeth with timing belt.

8. you should have clockwise force applied to exhaust spocket and counter clockwise force applied to intake sprocket to hold this position. Look at crank and ensure it still hasnt moved from step 3 position.

9. have buddy pull timing belt towards tensioner pulley - but dont force it on yet.

10. person holding wrenches on cams reverses the force direction - counter clockwise on exhaust and clockwaise on intake without moving them from the marks created during step 1.

11. buddy forces timing belt on with increase slack from exhaust wrench being forced counter clockwise.

12. loosen lock down bolt on tnesioner - then use 1/4 in drive wratchet to slite notch on front of tensioner up to alignemtn position while buddy watches with mirror from above. Lock down when spring tang is in smaller notch .

13. do the two crank revolution check and you should see the alignment pictured above.

14. recheck tensioner is still where you want it - if not readjust and re-do two turn test.

The car can be started like this and should idle well - before buttoning it all up. Re verify inner timing marks look like the same chisel made them after letting the car idle a couple minutes.

H. You can get a compression gauge extender at Oriely's auto for $22 but they have to pull it in which takes a day. Rent a Chrysler wheel puller and compression gauge. Buy a new valve cover gasket, come on... You know how much you're saving?

I. Hand crank before starting.

Good luck!
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Old 02 Aug 2014, 10:45 pm
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Default Re: 2007 PT Cruiser Timing Belt change

Originally Posted by manofmly View Post
2. Use a screwdriver to push the tab on the rear of the timing belt tensioner as far clockwise as possible - then lock it in place with the 13mm lock bolt.
I think this is where most have trouble trying to get the belt on. If you look at the tensioner it has a cam and only needs to be pushed to the lowest point. If you pushed it all the way clock wise, it actually will start going back towards the belt again making it very tight to get the belt on.
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