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Start issue

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Old 09 Sep 2014, 09:10 am
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Default Start issue

I have a 2007 PT and it started to develop this issue where when I go to turn the key to start, there is nothing (starter not engaging at all). Twist it back and try again and boom, it starts and drives normally. This went on for a few months, but each time it would take more and more attempts before it would turn over and start. Finally one day after work it just refused to start. Sat overnight and tried it again in the morning and after 3-4 attempts it fired up and I at least got her home.

Attempt #1 to fix it - I'd had something similar to this happen to my 1986 Dodge Charger - and the fix to that was to replace the starter solenoid. I did some research and saw it was actually part of the starter and NOT sold separately. So I hit up the junkyard and got another starter and replaced it. Once replace, boom started right up. Then I shut it down and attempted 5 more starts in a row. 3 were successful 2 were not - so I knew that wasn't the issue and it would leave me stranded again if I drove it. Back to the drawing board...

Attempt #2 - After more research, it appeared to me to possibly be the ignition pin actuator switch in the steering column. The research I did and the symptoms everyone was reporting were EXACTLY what I was experiencing so I thought this has to be it. I bought the part off of eBay and went to put it in, following a youtube video by the mfg that showed how to do it. Well low and behold the 2007 is NOT THE SAME as the earlier models and they make it dam near impossible to get into the area where that part is. I still don't have the 5 lobe Torx Plus bit needed to fully get in there from the top of the column, and since I see NOTHING on 2007 having this issue (just earlier models), I thought maybe this part was not labled right for the year etc. on eBay. Frustrated with pulling this all apart I thought I'd go and do what I did on my old minivan - which is #3

Attempt #3 - Now thoroughly pissed, I figured perhaps I could install a "starter switch" in the car and just use the key to turn to the "run" position and disarm the anti-theft. To test this before running it fully, I put an alligator clip on the starter "engage" spade pin and ran that to the battery + side while having the key in the "run" position. Boom the car did turn over but refused to start. Grrrr!!!! Now, I went back and put the starter back the way it was, removing my wire, went inside the car and hit the key and it started?! But was short lived as it died within 3 seconds. Did it again, again same thing, again same thing, and then finally back to normal where it wont even turn over.

Now I notice that the red dot "security" thing is on solid when this is happening (step 3), AND the key fobs no longer lock/unlock the door. I did have the battery disconnected for a week in there between these attempts so I don't know if that reset something or what?

Any help is greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance!

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Old 09 Sep 2014, 10:15 am
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Default Re: Start issue

Hate to reply to my own thread, but just had a thought - could it be BOTH keyfob's batteries are bad/weak and therefore the issue? I know at times they both have had issues where they wont lock or unlock the car, then next time they work fine. Stealership reprogram after battery replacement in my future?... Doh!

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Old 09 Sep 2014, 02:43 pm
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Default Re: Start issue

5 point torx are available on www 2006 and up use them.
The wrong key or SKIM (Security Key IMobilizer Module) will give you three chances before it locks you out
and the red light come on.
If red security dot is on it doesn't sense a correct key near the ignition.
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