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05 PT Convert - Died?? Help!!

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Old 08 Oct 2014, 10:04 am
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Unhappy 05 PT Convert - Died?? Help!!

Our 05 turbo lite convertible stopped running back on July 28/14 it has 37000Km or 22000mi, winter stored. Only major issue to date was fuel pump replaced 2 yrs ago. We purchased PT new. This year in the spring noticed rough idling when in gear and stopped at light; seems to get worse so I took it in to Chrysler Dealer in early July - they reported that was repaired, found a cracked vacuum line fitting and they repaired it. The car ran somewhat better but noticed that it began to "buck" when returning to an idle when returning from a drive, the car would almost stall but recover to normal idle. A few days later it stalled out but restarted, but stalled out again in a few minutes and would not restart. Called dealership stating problem, told me to hold down gas pedal 3/4 way while starting; tried and it started and i proceeded to drive to dealer, well the PT died out 2 blocks from home , wouldnt restart so towed to dealer, on July 28 and thats where it sits today, not repaired or running.
What the dealer has attempted - states that they can get PT running for less than a minute then it floods 2 cylinders and stalls out, they have replaced plugs/Wires, 2 coil packs, reviewed their vacuum leak repair, been in contact with Chrysler Engineering for direction, replaced the PCM ,checked cam sensors and timing belt position and so far still unable to get running. They were attempting to use the co-pilot tool to record data but Chrysler now indicates a wiring problem somewhere. Last contact with dealer was on Sept 22. I has submitted a formal complaint with customer service, who stated to me that they are working with dealer and to keep in touch with their service manager. I am thinking that I have a beautiful "push car" and may have to cut some foot holes in the floor to enjoy it. seriously i am very concerned on its future reliability if it gets repaired. Looking for some advice from the PT experts out there. Sorry being so long but trying to include all info. Thanks
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Old 08 Oct 2014, 11:17 am
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Default Re: 05 PT Convert - Died?? Help!!

Wonder if any consideration was given to maybe stuck or dirty injectors. For the two cylenders affected. The wiring could be a critter chewing the insulation off will spending much time parked. Just some thoughts. Your not the first Canadaian to voice lack of satisfaction from Canadaian Chrysler dealer.

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Old 08 Oct 2014, 11:23 am
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Default Re: 05 PT Convert - Died?? Help!!

You said it had been stored for the winter. I would suspect that some furry little creature most likely chewed some wires.

They don't have to actually sever the wires to cause problems. Just biting the insulation will allow moisture from the atmosphere in where it will over time do its thing.

The dealership should have already looked at all the wiring under the hood but may not have looked under the dash.

My older sister has a '09 Pontiac Grand Prix that is garage kept but mice still got into her car last winter. They got to the back side of the interior fuse box and made a nest. While they were doing that they chewed on many of the wires.

She had the car to the shop several times. Her insurance paid to have it towed the first time and the dealership spent a lot of her money trying to fix things that probably did not need to be fixed. OH they got the car running but it still was not right. She did not trust the car to go any farther than she felt like walking back.

When I got up to where she lives I started looking around. I saw bits of foam insulation falling from the back of the fuse box and decided to pull the interior fuse box out and found the buggered wires. The next step was a quick stop at the junk yard to cut the end of the wiring harness off a junk Grand Prix then a quick stop at Walmart to get a soldering iron and some black tape.

I probably could have just taped things up but some of the wires were gnawed pretty close to the connectors.

My sister is very good friends with the guy who owns the junk yard so the cost of the part was incredibly low as in free to her.

I took my time and did a good job. The car runs as good as new now.

There is probably enough poison and traps in her garage to kill all the mice in the county now too.
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Old 08 Oct 2014, 08:16 pm
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Default Re: 05 PT Convert - Died?? Help!!

I would suggest physically checking the wires from the camshaft sensor to the PCM shorting the camshaft sensor out. Seems to be many complaints on 2005 PT Cruisers with this issue.
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Old 20 Oct 2014, 01:07 pm
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Default Re: 05 PT Convert - Died?? Help!!

Thanks everyone for you comments, fuel injectors have been check and deemed ok as for chews on the wires from rodents will have dealer check out. as well the Cam sensor wiring condition back to PCM. I have no contact with the service department since 9/22/14 as they stated they would contact me if they are progressing on a fix. being the PT is long out of warranty I feel I don't have much leverage with dealer or Chrysler to resolve issues!
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Old 22 Oct 2014, 07:24 pm
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Default Re: 05 PT Convert - Died?? Help!!

Yeah!! Our 05 PT Vert is back in OUR garage after 3 months of diagnosis at the dealer. Final fix was to replace PCM a second time ( first one apparently faulty), new one reprogrammed and PT is running like a top. Thanks to everyone on the forum for input and ideas. PS - I am very pleased with the final cost - dealer service department was more than fair based on the initial no run condition and hours working with Chrysler Engineering to resolve problems.
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Old 22 Oct 2014, 09:10 pm
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Default Re: 05 PT Convert - Died?? Help!!

I confess I would not have had your patience. I would have been picketing that dealer and writing to newspapers....

Glad they finally fixed it.
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