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Power Lock Blues

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Old 03 Jun 2015, 10:59 am
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Default Power Lock Blues

So recently my 03' has been locking and unlocking at random times. Also when I am hand locking my door (vs using the key pad) when I go and open it with my key, the alarm will sound sometimes. (when you lock with your hand it should not do that when you open it with a key) At first I thought it was maybe my toggle-so i took it apart so it would have any effect on my car. This morning when I went out to start my car to go to work, my car was dead! The only reason I can think that my car could have went dead is because the power lock went crazy last night locking and unlocking. After I jumped it, I checked for trouble codes-there were none. Then when I went to unlock my car-the car would automatically lock itself. lol So I checked the locking pad on the divers side door to see if something spilled down there causing it to stick, no problems there. I tried resetting my computer. as soon as I reconnect my wires the car went crazy with locking and unlocking-like it was possessed. I stared to check fuses 3,10 and 13. I noticed when I jiggled fuse 10 it caused the locking and unlocking to stop and if i jiggled it again-it started up again-i am convinced that it is the power door lock module. I have looked online for videos on how to and the only ones I can find are blurry and hard to watch. I would just like a second opinion on my conclusion and how hard would it be for me to replace it on my own, or would I be better off taking it to a mechanic.

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Old 03 Jun 2015, 11:07 am
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Default Re: Power Lock Blues

Replacing the module is very easy. You just remove the dash board and it's there on top in the center of the dash.

The problem is going to be programming it. If you found one in a salvage PT and had at least one of the original fobs, you could reprogram it to use your fobs. But without at least one fob previously mated to it, you will need a lock smith with the correct equipment to program a new fob. The Chrysler dealer and some independent shops can likely do this too.

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Old 03 Jun 2015, 11:35 am
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Default Re: Power Lock Blues

our van did what you describe and it was a corroded contact on a door switch.

anyways, before you replace the module, sonce it sounds like that's the plan.. you might crack it open and look for bad capacitors. you might be able to fix it for a few pennies if you're handy with a soldering iron. so far i've fixed a PC motherboard, a computerized embroidery machine, two different car ecu's. makes sense it could be a capacitor. the box is at least 12yrs old. they do dry up and degrade from heat over time. under the dash lid is a good place to bake.

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Old 03 Jun 2015, 01:31 pm
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Default Re: Power Lock Blues

The alarm going off after manual lock is normal. Mine did this before I looked up how to disable. Forget how. I sence got a used box and fob from a junker and now have a fob to use.

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Old 04 Jun 2015, 12:47 am
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Default Re: Power Lock Blues

Have you had heavy rains then temperatures dropping. Moisture might be getting into the switches in the door and/or hatch key cylinders and shorting them out causing the locks to go crazy!
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Old 04 Jun 2015, 08:24 am
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Default Re: Power Lock Blues

Originally Posted by Busted_PT View Post
The alarm going off after manual lock is normal.
I guess I was lucky because mine didn't, before I got a key fob.
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power locks

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