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The "Handy" NOPI Strut Bar Install: Part "Deux" (2)

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Old 01 Aug 2015, 02:24 pm
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Wink The "Handy" NOPI Strut Bar Install: Part "Deux" (2)



Actually, many newer members here may be asking, what's the big joke about NOPI Twin Strut Tower Bars?

Back in December 2013, NOPI (Number One Parts, Inc.) began liquidating some of their old stock including some items for the PT Cruiser. They offered a very unique set of twin strut tower bars for the PT Cruiser on eBay for the extremely low price of $21 plus $5 shipping. I and a few other members bought some.

That was a great deal. The problem is that these bars don't really fit the PT Cruiser. I could not get them to fit, so I contacted NOPI and they sent me a second set of the bars free gratus. But of course, those bars were the same and didn't fit either.

So being "Handy", I modded them to make them fit. You an read about that here:

The "Handy" NOPI Strut Bar Installation

I got these to fit on my 2001 PT Limited by cutting and re-drilling the right tower bracket. That wasn't too bad.

Now I want to put the extra set I have on my 2005 PT GT. But that's going to be more difficult because the right tower bracket can not be shortened as I did before due to the turbo solenoids and AC hoses.

To get started, I mounted the brackets during my recent timing belt and performance camshaft install.

Here you can see how I modded the turbo solenoid bracket so the right strut bar bracket could fit. Notice how the center solenoid is raised slightly to accommodate the strut bar bracket beneath it.

First I had to cut the bars to the right lengths. After making a "holder" by drilling a 3/4" hole though a 2x4 stud, I cut portions off of the right ends of the bars. Altogether, I cut off right at 6 inches off each.

Then came the fun part. I had to drill new holes in the ends where I cut the bars off. The holes for the original threads went up quite a ways but they had to be drilled bigger.

Next I beveled the lip of the holes in the ends of the bars and cleaned up any burs. Remember this is supposed to look GOOD when I'm done. The beveling will help me start a bolt to create new threads.

In anticipation of this job, I had bought a die the right size to put threads back in the ends of these bars. But I forgot that the threats on the right ends of the bars are threaded to the left. So I had to use the left hand threaded eyehole bolts that came with the strut bar set to create new threads. Luckily this worked with a little WD40 and some elbow grease.

I also had to shorted in the Allen-headed tie bolt for the right side bracket. And I got some nylon locking nuts to use too. You cannot tell in this photo, the bolt is a couple of inches above the AC lines so there will be no rubbing.

Then next issue was re-angling the bars so they sit level. Cutting off 6 inches from the right ends of the bars gave me the correct bar length and height so they would not hit the hood. But to make the bars sit level, I then had to change the bend on the left ends of the bars.

I don't have a photo, but I drilled a 3/4 inch hole in an old wooded fence gate I had. Then I stuck the left end of each bar in the hole up to the original bend and then removed a little of that bend. This would make the bars sit level once bolted into the brackets. And there they are, sitting nice and level at the right height to clear the engine and not hit the hood when closed.

Despite my joking claims of more horsepower, relativistic good handling and more male virility for the driver, the truth is that these bars likely do nothing at all for the way the car handles. The real purpose is just to look good. And these twin bars do that well and have a very unique appearance.

The bars even look good from the side view. I'm really happy with these. You can't beat the NOPI twin strut bars.


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Old 01 Aug 2015, 03:29 pm
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Default Re: The "Handy" NOPI Strut Bar Install: Part "Deux" (2)

Todd you did a great job making the bar fit. In the fashion of "old School" aftermarket parts installation when that nothing fit as it was intended and everything needed to be modified you get the..... award on this one!


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Old 01 Aug 2015, 10:37 pm
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Default Re: The "Handy" NOPI Strut Bar Install: Part "Deux" (2)

Wow! That's a lot of work to get those bars in, but the end result looks great!!
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