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02 Pt Cruised Limited Edition Issues

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Old 30 Sep 2016, 01:55 am
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Default 02 Pt Cruised Limited Edition Issues

I have a 02 Limited edition non turbo. I took the car for a ride today and when I first started the car my speedometer went all the way to 120 and back. then as I was driving my battery light came on. I stopped and checked all connections everything seems tight. I turned car off and restarted and in the 200 miles after had no lights. I just had the alternator swapped about 2 weeks ago and I do have a 1500+ watt Stereo system in the car. I am not sure if it is a battery issue or if it is something else. I also have the issue of doors unlocking by themslves just blame the fairies and goblins lol. I am wondering if it is an electrical issue that changing battery to a AGM drycell and battery cables could fix. Also would it be overkill to change my positive cables to 2/0 welding wire as I am doing the same to my Battery ground (frame and motor) alt casing and upgrading the positive on alt to battery. Thanks for any advise and help.

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Old 30 Sep 2016, 08:13 am
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Default Re: 02 Pt Cruised Limited Edition Issues

My ground wire rotted in half and disconnected at the trans and it still started and ran with no issues.

Disconnect the power wires you added for the audio stuff and see if the problem goes away. It's possible you've created ground loops

Also what do you mean you had no lights? No idiot lights? No headlights?
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Old 30 Sep 2016, 01:47 pm
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Default Re: 02 Pt Cruised Limited Edition Issues

I mean after I restarted the car the battery idiot light never came on again. Today I went out and started the car again speedo to 120 car died. I have my dash bezel off and I heard the blower going even though it was turned off so pulled the fuse. still hear a click click sound every 10 seconds coming from that area. I had my charging system checked every thing tested good. I only have a power lead coming from my battery for my sound system grounded to body under seat (cleaned to bare metal) testing no resistance when on multimeter with lead at batt ground. Going to see if I can get someone to help me get battery ground and positive changed out next week using new battery terminal ends and the 2/0 welding wire to all connections from batery. I know these cars have electrical issues just hope this is not going to be an elusive one that cost too much to fix.
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Old 30 Sep 2016, 02:45 pm
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Default Re: 02 Pt Cruised Limited Edition Issues

I would suggest getting a battery load test done with the battery in the PT Cruiser. Make sure the correct battery amps are keyed into the battery load tester. The PT Cruisers are sensitive to battery voltage drops.

If the battery load test checks out good check the group of ground wires going to the drivers side inner panel next to the battery under the hood. Sometimes they get corroded and lose good contacts.
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Old 30 Sep 2016, 05:05 pm
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Default Re: 02 Pt Cruised Limited Edition Issues

So could a huge voltage drop cause major issues I watched and saw my voltage dropping to high 10-mid 11 V while my sound system was going with car running. They did the load test today at orieleys and said it was good but I had my stereo off so no load from that. Before I replaced my alternator I had an electrical shop do a load test and they said I was pulling 90 amps with my sound system going.
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