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Aeroturbine the best muffler ever

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Old 17 Jun 2004, 05:26 pm
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Default Aeroturbine the best muffler ever

I say this with confidence cause it is true. you will never find a muffler that increases horse power as much as the aeroturbine. and gives you better gas milage. In the world of rising gas prices I have solved our problems until hydrogen powered cars.seriously go to this
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Old 17 Jun 2004, 06:24 pm
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Um, no. From what I've read, they're absolute trash. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probally is.

Here are what some people said from another message board I visit, this guy summed it up pretty good. I'm not sure if he's right or not, but I can guarantee you that muffler isn't nearly as great as they try to make it out to be.

Also, gas prices are starting to go down now.

I'll try to apply what I haven't forgotten from my education:

When the incoming exhaust air stream enters the Aeroturbine it is rapidly expanded due to the properties of heat transfer,

Unless this 'muffler' is heated by an external energy source, the gas will be no more expanded then it already is just by 'the properties of heat transfer'.

and then split via an airfoil cone with an orifice similar to a conical jet engine.

I must admit, it does look like the combustion chamber of a jet engine. You must realize however, that this is where fuel and spark are introduced in a real jet engine, none of which are happening here, rendering the design fairly useless.

The outer airflow velocity is increased due to the increased distance the outer air must travel.

False, it is just providing a restriction. Velocity is increased if the cross-sectional area is reduced, not distance increased.

The higher density inner air stream also creates a low pressure vacuum in the outer expansion chamber that assists in the drawing of the air out of the exhaust pipe.

Higher density would imply a lower temperature, and I highly doubt that there is a significant decrease in temperature as you travel from the outer edge of the pipe to the center. These are only ~2.5" tubes, and the amount of flow an engine creates makes for a very turbulent air stream (read: uniform). Besides, a higher VELOCITY or lower PRESSURE air stream would assist in 'the drawing of air out', not the density.

The air begins to spin because of the increased velocity and pressure transfers.

Total bull. I won't waste my time with this one.

The outer air stream then accelerates as it recombines with the inner air stream. The recombining of the air streams creates a vacuum that both muffles the exhaust sound and increases the exhaust flow. Thus allowing your engine to breathe easier and dramatically increasing your vehicles performance. The Aeroturbine allows the more efficient combustion to create the added power instead of simply dumping more fuel into your engine.The Aeroturbine achieves incredible performance and improved gas mileage while creating the smoothest low throaty turbo sound on the market.

See above. What the hell does a muffler have to do with the control of fuel supply, or worse: the efficiency of combustion?? These are two totally unrelated events (with regards to the muffler). Sounds like they cut and pasted those last couple sentences from the literature of one of those "Tornado" intake spacers.

All of that said, These douchbags (sp?) will probably make a hefty profit off this thing because most people are that gulible.
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Old 17 Jun 2004, 07:30 pm
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Now the one forum that I looked at (for F150 trucks) had similar hype taking place. But it was clear that there was no real comparison as to the benefits of this muffler and all of the changes that had taken place during the install. It was clearly stated that at the time of the install, exhaust system went from a Ø2.5 to Ø3.00. Now that alone can provide some (you will notice I say some) improvement in overall performance of a car.

So where is the performance improvements with this change over stock and then with the addition of the aeroturbine device? Hmmmm?!?! Let's show the actual time-stamped and dated data that substantiates the claims.

Me thinks we saw another device similar in nature for the intake side of the car. You know the info-mercial where there is a device that installs in the intake and causes a vortex action to take place; thus forcing more air into the engine; thus increasing performance and mileage; thus...
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Old 18 Jun 2004, 10:45 pm
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quote:Originally posted by yellowsnow

I say this with confidence cause it is true. you will never find a muffler that increases horse power as much as the aeroturbine. and gives you better gas milage. In the world of rising gas prices I have solved our problems until hydrogen powered cars.seriously go to this
What makes me think Yellowsnow works for the company.

Show us some test by an independent testing lab and I might believe their claims . IMHO it's snake oil.
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Old 19 Jun 2004, 02:18 am
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Looks like a marketing Troll to me.
If there is a moderator in the house, maybe this 'member' should be purged.

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Old 19 Jun 2004, 11:40 am
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Now let's not become antagonistic! Let's not "purge" him from the group. We have not had fun with a controversial issue in quite a while on this forum (yawn).

Let's see if the person hangs around. The information provided may yet be substantiated.

Hello yellowsnow! Where are you? Come out and play!
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Old 19 Jun 2004, 06:32 pm
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Until this topic i was a week away from buying one of these contraptions. but since i have seen your guys' options on it i have decided not to get one. So, it was good that this guy came here and spammed the forum.
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