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Codes P0201-204, P0301-304, P0351, P0480

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Old 04 Feb 2017, 12:07 pm
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Default Codes P0201-204, P0301-304, P0351, P0480

2003 Gt turbo. I,ve posted several questions, so feel at this time I must post to help and maybe save somebody some cash. I started getting P0201 thru P0204 and P0301 thru P0304 codes randomly each time I disconnected the battery to clear the codes. Did research and decided the coil pak went south, and replaced it $75.00 (O'Reillys) Still same codes, and random misfires. I replaced the spark plug wires. Test drove no change. Finely the plugs, that where sunk in a pool of oil. The spark plugs amazed me that the car even ran for the last 5 yrs. So I replaced those too. (While spark plugs were removed I sprayed brake cleaner in each spark plug wells to clean them up and tightened the valve cover)) Test drove and no change, more research and decided ECM is on the fritz. Replaced ECM from Car Computer Exchange: Auto ECM, TCM, PCM Modules $278.95. Another test drive, no change. On my test drive (and trying to blow it up out of frustration I hear a loud whinning noise while flooring it) turbo shot. Decided must not be getting enough fuel, so new fuel pump module 073GE from e-herko on eBay $93.50. And new turbo cartridge and updated oil feed line, from $375.00. Since I had most of the top end off to remove the turbo, I decided to replace the valve cover gaskets as well. Installed fuel pump by removing rear seats, cutting carpet back, and using a die grinder, cut a precision square hole. (Video on YouTube) to access fuel pump. Installed turbo and oil feed line. Was going to replace the catalytic converter but researched and decided not to. Test drove and car would randomly die, codes P0201 thru 204, P0480 would show up with random,variance. (This whole repair process took over 3 months to complete as funds allowed.) Started thinking, I had to charge the battery twice, first time it died after all repairs complete I also noticed head lights dim. Plus fuel injector circuit malfunction, and radiator fan misfuction, if battery bad, injectors and fan wouldn't get the proper voltage and throw codes. So I had battery tested, BAD! Replaced battery. Several resets of codes by disconnecting the battery and same codes would pop up. I went to Advanced Auto Parts to buy crank and cam sensors and learned that if the car ran it WAS NOT those sensors, also in our discussion he asked me when I disconnected the battery for how long, not long enough appearatly. Learn there is a capacitor in the ECM that holds a charge and the ECM holds stored faults. To reset the stored faults you have to disconnect the battery for at least 20 mins for the capacitor to drain its power. Reconnect the battery and start the car, don't do anything, let it idle for awhile to collect all sensor data to recalibrate itself. I disconnected the battery for about 2 hrs, started it and let it idle till the fan came on twice. Drove it 42 miles and had not a single code, fault. I probably would have saved a few bucks if I checked the spark plugs, and battery, and disconnected it to drain the capacitor. The turbo was going south anyway so that repair was nessessary. Hope this helps those experiencing the same problem. PTATER
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Old 04 Feb 2017, 12:38 pm
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Default Re: Codes P0201-204, P0301-304, P0351, P0480

Suggest to get an OBDII Scan tool to reset engine trouble codes. Pulling the battery cable off does not reset the codes.
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Old 04 Feb 2017, 12:51 pm
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Default Re: Codes P0201-204, P0301-304, P0351, P0480

Originally Posted by ptcruisersteve View Post
Suggest to get an OBDII Scan tool to reset engine trouble codes. Pulling the battery cable off does not reset the codes.


I really suggest to STOP replacing parts that you "think" are bad unless you verify that they are in fact bad or failed. Continued replacement of unverified parts makes finding the original problem much more trouble some as in many cases you unknowingly create MORE PROBLEMS.
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