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Once again N/A means Not Applicable

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Old 24 Jun 2004, 03:59 am
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Default Once again N/A means Not Applicable

Are there any computer chip mods available? I know that JET made them for some of the other cars ive owned. But when i went to their site they have aparently decided to ignore Chrysler.

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Old 24 Jun 2004, 07:58 am
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They havn't ignored Chrysler. Chrysler don't want them or anyone to do performance chips for the car (Monopoly). In order for tuner companies to create chips or modules, they need the programing codes inside the PCM. DC has never released this info so tuners decided not to make upgrades. Plain and Simple.

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Old 24 Jun 2004, 08:02 am
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Yes. Kenne Bell makes one for the PT (non-turbo). Requires use of "plus" or Premium gas (you choose). It also reprograms auto trans, and one member said the auto trans reprogramming alone was worth it.
Only drawback - you send them your engine computer, they reprogram and send back - you can't drive while it's in the mail. Also, never let dealer "flash" your computer - it'll wipe out your benefits.
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Old 24 Jun 2004, 11:31 am
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It is my understanding that a Jet Performance Chip was made for the PT Crusier (non-turbo) but, because of problems, was taken off the market.
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Old 24 Jun 2004, 12:50 pm
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How does Kenne Bell do it if Chrysler won't release the codes? It sure would be nice to have a plug in module like Chevy has that allows you to tune your own computer for performance or economy.
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Old 24 Jun 2004, 02:53 pm
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Kenne Bell or ASE (believe they recently relocated to Mexico) has to reprogram your computer since the "chip" is soldered in and is not really replacable or a replacement chip cannot be easily "plugged in". You have to decide whether the performance is worth the time and monety and having to pay/use premium gas.

IMHO, it is often better if you live close to either Kenne Bell or ASE, to go there and have them reprogram your computer (and automatic transmission, if equipped) on their dyno facilities so you get the maximium performance for your particular car. I know of one person that went back several times to get the automatic to shift the way he wanted it to. Otherwise, you will get a universal remapping of your computer. Also, if you read some of the literature, you "may" need to replace your thermostat with a 180° one and HP claims range from 7hp to 23 hp. As mentioned before, if there is a TSB that requires the flashing of your computer to correct the problem or if the dealer service department routinely upgrades your computer to the latest version while you are in for service, then you will lose whatever custom programming Kenne Bell or ASE you had before and have to pay again to have it redone.

Do a search for JET module at the various PT forums and PTDIY and you may find the PT versions were recalled by JET and have been taken off the market.
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Old 25 Jun 2004, 10:30 am
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I have the Unorthodox Racing underdrive lightened crankshaft pulley and it really made a difference. No fooling the computer, no premium gas, works all the time. I can actually drive with the a/c on now without being completely left in the dust. No problems with battery charging and I do have a sub w/ amp. Engine cooling is not affected. It did require new belts but my old ones were shot. It is approximately a 20% underdrive plus it is much much lighter allowing the engine to rev up faster.
Retail is like $200 but is a much higher quality piece when compared to the afx or others. The unorthodox pulley allows the original outer ring to be removed and replaced with a special race only ring that only has provisions to drive the alternator. Oh and you can get it in colors if you are into engine compartment details.
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