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Buzzing rattling noise during slow down

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Old 11 Feb 2017, 06:43 pm
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Default Buzzing rattling noise during slow down

I've seen this issue mentioned in a couple places on the board, but did a search and didn't turn up a specific thread on it. Didn't find any mention of the cure in all my searches either, but today I have found a potential cure.

I had a couple theories about the source of the buzzing noise on decel I get when in 3rd, 2nd, or 1st coasting down to stop. The car is a Base N/A 5 spd manual. The noise was worse the higher the RPM'S were when coasting to a stop (clutch engaged while in gear). To me it almost sounded like a rattling heat shield, or muffler with a loose baffle, but the sound was definitely coming from the front of the car, not the rear.

Today I changed the shifter cable bushings at the transmission. The large bushing was missing completely. Took it for a drive enjoying the precise feel of the shifter and noticed the buzzing noise while coasting down was completely gone.

Very well could have been the shifter cable rattling against the shift lever it is supposed to be hooked up to. With the large bushing missing entirely there was a lot of opportunity to make noise as it was just laying there in loose contact with the metal shift lever.

But my best guess is the PDC bracket wasn't completely tightened down solid to the transmission mount. I had to really put some torque into one of the 2 small bolts that secures it. I might not have gotten one all the way screwed down last time I had that apart when I did an engine swap a few months ago.

Not exactly sure of which fixed it, but the buzzing noise is gone and that's all I did today.
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Old 12 Feb 2017, 06:51 pm
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Default Re: Buzzing rattling noise during slow down

Took the PT on a pleasant 50 mile drive today, half through town and half on freeway. I love how the Booger Bushings tightened up the shifter. The buzzing noise is gone. There was a moment when I thought I heard something, but it was just the exhaust noise of the truck in front of me.

I have a 3rd theory to possibly explain the noise and why it went away after the booger bushing install. Perhaps the shift lever that was missing a bushing was allowing the shift fork inside the transmission to set up a vibration. I believe it was the shift lever for reverse. With a bushing installed it dampens the assembly. All are just theory's. Just wanted to share what I learned in case it can help someone else get rid of that annoying noise. It was actually kind of embarrassing coasting down to stop lights because it was quite noisy pulling up between cars. Not any more thankfully.
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