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Need Help?!

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Old 04 May 2017, 05:10 pm
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Default Need Help?!

Hey all new to this site. For past couple months my 2005 PT cruiser touring convertable turbo has been going where every couple days I will be driving and suddenly the acceleration will stop. I can push the gas pedal all the way down to the floor and get no response then sudden surge of accerlation where the car jumps and then will start like the engine is knocking/misfiring. When I slow down or come to a stop sign/light the car will stall on me. sometimes will start back up but mostly just crank and crank and not come back on unless i sit and wait for a hour or so.

I have had ignition coil, spark plugs, wires, cam shaft and crankshaft sensors replaced. Check engine light is on and when i had the codes read it was for O2 sensor high heat in bank 1 and 2.

I am not very mechanically inclined, I have had it at couple different shops and no one can give me a answer as they cant get the car to act up. So going to have my friend who is a mechanic help me sunday.

Anyway i know this was a lot and thank you.
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Old 04 May 2017, 06:04 pm
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Default Re: Need Help?!

First, welcome to the forum. You should introduce yourself and tell us more about your PT in the new members section.

The O2 sensor high heat codes might be caused by a the engine running too lean. Put that together with the other symptoms and the lack of other trouble codes and you might have a weak failing fuel pump. On a similar Mopar, I have had them work fine, give trouble with the engine becoming very weak and missing, and then dying only to restart after sitting for a while.

The shop was likely only testing the car while the fuel pump was still cool. Have your friend drive the car until it acts up, then check the fuel pressure. Also, I have had trash and/or water in the tank cause similar symptoms. I often throw in some fuel cleaner and Heat first to assure the symptoms remain before going after the fuel pump.

It should be noted that I am a Safety Engineer among other things and I haven't worked as a professional mechanic since I was young strapping lad with long sexy flowing hair before college. And even then, I mainly worked on big trucks and heavy equipment. Nowadays, I enjoy working on these funny looking little cars for fun and relaxation.
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