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Need some help with an 06

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Old 09 Jun 2017, 03:52 pm
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Default Need some help with an 06

Hi everyone!

I am working on a friend's 2006 PT, 2.4 non turbo, DOHC, 90,000 miles on it. It has a constant misfire, seems only at idle, on cylinder 3. You can hear it at the tailpipe idling. I put new plugs and wires on it. Didn't help. New seals between the upper and lower intake. Didn't help. I listened to the injectors through a screwdriver, I can hear all four clicking. It seems like it runs fine off idle, gets up and goes fine, can't feel a misfire. So I don't believe it could be an ignition coil.

I did a dry compression test, with crappy EverTough testers from Oreilley. Neither tester worked right, but from what I gathered from it based on how the two read, one and two are close to what they should be. They both agreed that cylinder three is very low, and four isn't as low as three but still a lot lower than one and two. Should I assume its a roasted head gasket since three and four are next to each other and read low?

Also, between the upper and lower intake sections, where you separate them to access the spark plugs, it is always wet around those ports with oil. How would that be and shouldn't only air go through there?

Thanks a lot for any advice in advance!
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Old 09 Jun 2017, 04:35 pm
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Default Re: Need some help with an 06

The oil in the intake may be from oily blow-by introduced back into the intake by the PCV hose. But that's a secondary effect.

If me, I'd next do a wet compression test with oil. Introducing oil into a cylinder with worn piston rings increases the cylinder's compression. The oil fills the gap between the ring and cylinder wall. If there's no increase after adding oil, it's likely not the rings.

To perform the wet test, you add about a tablespoon of oil into the cylinder though the spark plug hole before checking the compression. Just squirt the tablespoon of oil into a cylinder that is reading low. Crank the engine two revolutions or so to spread the oil then retest the cylinder. If the compression comes up markedly, 40 PSI or more, the trouble is poor ring to bore sealing. If compression doesn't increase much, about 5 PSI, then the problem is possibly with the valves. It could also be a blown gasket or a warped cylinder head from overheating. On a PT, it's often going to be a blown head gasket, but not always.

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