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05 2.4 NA 5 Speed Bucking, Lurching, Dying, Not Starting

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Old 03 Jul 2017, 12:50 pm
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Default 05 2.4 NA 5 Speed Bucking, Lurching, Dying, Not Starting

Hi All, Noob to the forum although I been trolling around her quite a bit as of late.. I'll apologize now for the novel.. So I have finally scored a Cruiser that pretty much is exactly what I was looking for, bare bones with a 5 speed and 109K. Bought it from a "good" friend who had her fill of the thing, in short I bought someone else's headache. But I'm not disenchanted yet.. For all the years I poked fun at these cars, I really do like it when it works..

Like so many others, the thing shuts off.. Could be at an idle, could be driving along.. Sometimes it starts right up, other times not so much.. Doesn;t make a difference in weather or temperature. Sometimes when trying to restart it at time the engine "kicks back/backfires" like it's out of time.. It may eventually start, it may not.. Sometimes it has to sit a few mins to restart, sometimes it's days.. And as far as acting up, it may run trouble free for 2 mins or a week.. It's incredibly random.

Now on to what's been done.. It spend a stint at the dealer before I got it.. New crank and cam sensor, as well as new connectors for both. New cat converter, new fuel pump, new PCM. Timing belt and components as well as the water pump were changed at 102K. Rechecked the timing, it's where it should be. I've replaced the battery as it needed it, cleaned the terminals, no voltage drop.. Cleaned the grounds under the hood as well. Currently I have the engine harness removed as the plastic loom looked like crap and I though maybe something has rubbed somewhere.. There have been a few times I could wiggle the harness where it goes over top of the bell housing and it'll die.. But not consistently.. So Far I have seen nothing of the sort, but I'm not the whole way through the harness yet.

Fuel Pressure stays right on spec always. When it is in a no start mood it has spark. Never gotten a code in the PCM, however I have randomly gotten the following in other modules:

Airbag Module : Loss of ignition run-start

ICM : SBEC Message Not received
SKIM Message Not Received

SKIM: PCM Status Failure (This one was there when I got it, has not returned)

When it dies while running the Speedo continues to work every time.. When it's bucking around (feels like one is switching it off and on really fast) the tach will jump with the bucking, but everything else stays steady.

Alternator charges as it should with no ripple. Ive gotten a new ignition switch that I may just throw at it if I find nothing with the harness. THe other day the liftgate ajar light came on. Unplugged the switch at the latch and it stayed on.. Unplugged connector 202? under the left kick panel and it when out.. Plugged that back in and it works as it should again.. Haven't gotten into whether that could be related or not..

If you've made it this far, I'm open to suggestions. I'm sort of leaning to an issue in the wiring harness some where, or I got a bum PCM. The dealer will still replace that under warranty for me, but I want to make sure I'm not missing something stupid..

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Old 03 Jul 2017, 01:17 pm
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Default Re: 05 2.4 NA 5 Speed Bucking, Lurching, Dying, Not Starting

the switch you bought sounds like a good place to start.

welcome to the forum
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Old 03 Jul 2017, 01:23 pm
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Default Re: 05 2.4 NA 5 Speed Bucking, Lurching, Dying, Not Starting

The dealer has a DRBIII box that has a record button that you can use to see if you have a "Lost of Communication". This will give you a better idea of whether it might be the PCM or the bus going down.

Chances are you might have a bus issue, so the PCM is not recording anything (Hence no codes) since the bus is going down, there is nothing to see.

The modules that we have that communicates on the bus: Instrument Cluster(Contains Body Control Module), PCM, SKIM( Sentry Key Imobilizer) RKE (Remote Keyless Entry), OCR (Air bag module) ABC (Antilock brake), Radio.
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Old 03 Jul 2017, 01:54 pm
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Default Re: 05 2.4 NA 5 Speed Bucking, Lurching, Dying, Not Starting

The bus crashing has been lurking in the back of my mind.. Ran into a mess on a Grand Cherokee years ago that stemmed from a DOA airbag module.. Fortunately this one only has the Airbag, radio, ICM, SKIM,and PCM..\

Do have a new situation with it though.. As I had mentioned I removed the engine harness, stripped all of what was left of the plastic loom and tape off of it. Didn't see anything. So I taped it back up with new loom and reinstalled it.. I have a no start with TPS, MAP, CKP, and CMP codes.. No 5 volt reference at any of the connectors..
Time to dig through the harness again.

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Old 04 Jul 2017, 10:10 am
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Default Re: 05 2.4 NA 5 Speed Bucking, Lurching, Dying, Not Starting

Today's update.. Got to the bottom of the lack of a 5 volt reference. It seems that if you have that particular pin properly latched into the PCM connector it works better.. At least I didn't tear the harness apart again

Fired it up, left it idle for about 10 mins - it died.. Didn;t want to restart, did the "kicking back thing" But I had codes

P0499 Canister vent solenoid circuit high
P0630 VIN not programmed into PCM
P0632 Odometer not programmed into PCM
P0633 SKIM Key Not Programmed into PCM

Cleared the codes, turned the key off and back on the P0499 came back and still no start. Cleared codes again Fired right up no more codes. Have a buddy from the dealer borrowing the DRB and coming over for beer and grilled meat later.. He's familiar with this particular Cruiser and demanded that there be beer..
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