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Help please - Cylinder 2 misfire

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Old 01 Oct 2017, 10:36 pm
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Default Help please - Cylinder 2 misfire

I have a 2006 PT Cruiser with about 70k miles.
Check engine light came on yesterday (9/30/17) and I took it to a mechanic today. He told me that cylinder 2 is misfiring - but only some of the time.

Now, I am broke as F. less than $800 in my bank account, and I know absolutely nothing about cars myself, so i'm wanting second opinions about what the most likely cause could be. (The registration also expires next week. so this happened right as we were going to go get it smogged fml)

Mechanic said that carbon build up is really common with these engines especially once it gets to 65k-70k miles. So I think the first thing he is going to try is to fix that which is $150.
If that doesn't work, he wants to replace some wires which will be $200-$400.
And the possibilities just get progressively more expensive. The most expensive of which is a $3000-$4000 fix. Which is more than this car is even worth at this point.

The only thing I noticed when driving the car is that it idled kind of rough. Like when I would first start it up it would be pretty bumpy - while in motion it was fine, and then when I would stop moving at a stoplight or something it would go back to being kinda bumpy. But otherwise drove just fine.

The mechanic mentioned something about a cracked exhaust? that could possibly be causing it. And I DID hit a massive rock, about a month ago.... it hit kind of middle/rear underside of the car. No leaks or issues immediately after. and the bumpy idling (with no check engine light) had been happening a couple weeks BEFORE the rock thing.

So, do you think hitting the rock may be the issue? and therefor a super expensive fix. Or do you think that since that happened a month ago and the light just now came on that it could be something more reasonable to fix, price wise....
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Old 01 Oct 2017, 11:11 pm
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Default Re: Help please - Cylinder 2 misfire

Welcome to the forum.

Your fuel injector might not be working properly for cylinder 2. I would suggest putting in some Techron fuel injector cleaner that is safe for CAT.
If at First You Don't Succeed - Try, Try Again
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Old 02 Oct 2017, 06:41 am
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Default Re: Help please - Cylinder 2 misfire

If you have not replaced the ignition wires and spark plugs - That is also a good place to start.

There is opinion/experience that replacing the plugs every 30,000 miles is a good practice on these cars.

The parts are not very expensive...... Labor is another factor.

In the future, if you can get the codes from your mechanic when the check engine light is activated, that is always a nice bit of information to add to a forum inquiry.

Good Luck
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Old 02 Oct 2017, 08:05 am
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Default Re: Help please - Cylinder 2 misfire

First thing I'd do is reset the engine light. Since money is tight, either disconnect the battery to reset the light or take it to a major auto parts store and have them clear the code and see if it comes back. If all is well, start saving those $$ for a tune-up or start checking the forum to learn how to do it yourself. Also, like steve recommended, pick up some fuel injector clearner, while ur at the parts store.
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Old 03 Oct 2017, 07:06 am
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Default Re: Help please - Cylinder 2 misfire

You might wish to try a simple procedure that will demonstrate really faulty plug wires.

With the car running at idle and in a darkened time or area - open the hood and look for visible sparking along the course of the ignition wires from coil to plugs.

Your #2 misfiring plug is the second one in from the passengers side.

This simple test does not tell you about plug condition, but will reveal a significantly deficient wire.
But - it's a free test!

Here is a video link:

The test is most revealing in a darkened environment.
Some people like to spray the wires with a mist of water during the test to highlight any arching.

As you get this sorted out, please come back and tell us how your concern was remedied.
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