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Still cannot get the ****ing timing belt back on without the timing marks ****ing off

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Old 12 Apr 2018, 04:57 pm
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Default Still cannot get the ****ing timing belt back on without the timing marks ****ing off

So it's a pretty sad ****ing thing that I can't get a simple danm belt back on a car.

I've put the crank on its arrow a million times.

Every single time I try to rotate the cams for that stupid half notch bullshit it moves the crank off the mark.

If i so much as even try to pull the belt onto the idler wheel it moves the crank because there's not enough slack in the belt.

I can get the belt on but by the time it's on the crank is so far off from lining up that it will never been in time.

I've tried lining it up with the marks dead on I even used a hose clamp to tie the cam gears together so they would stay in perfect time.


The belt will not go on the danm car with it in time WHAT so ever.

This timing belt is total bullshit.

I can't even stand to look at that ****ing car let alone work on it.

And nobody wants to share any secrets or wisdom of getting the belt on.

The all say the same stupid shit set it a half tooth off it will work.

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Old 12 Apr 2018, 05:36 pm
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Default Re: Still cannot get the ****ing timing belt back on without the timing marks ****ing

What brand timing belt did you get?
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Old 12 Apr 2018, 05:57 pm
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Default Re: Still cannot get the ****ing timing belt back on without the timing marks ****ing

It's a gates brand kit.

I bought it from Amazon after watching the 7 part video on how to do this job.

The dude recommend it and i had to pay 120$ bucks because it was the kit he said to get.

I've gotten the timing marks lined up and it all very close but I just don't have the slack to make it over the tensioner.

And if I try to pull the belt any to get it over the tensioner. It moves the crank pulley out of line
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Old 12 Apr 2018, 06:08 pm
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Default Re: Still cannot get the ****ing timing belt back on without the timing marks ****ing

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Old 12 Apr 2018, 06:31 pm
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Default Re: Still cannot get the ****ing timing belt back on without the timing marks ****ing

I installed a Gates belt & water pump kit on my '06 last July. Yeah, it's a tight fit. I went through all the headaches you are experiencing. And then I came up with a cheat.

I removed the bolt that holds the tensioning pulley to its mount. BE CAREFUL when you do this- there's a spring-loaded indicator that's used to set the tension properly, and once you remove that bolt, if you drop the assembly or let it out of your control, there's no telling if you will get the thing back together properly.

That being said, I set the crank pulley in its proper position, got the belt in place on the cam pulleys and held them in place with small C clamps and pieces of wood to protect the belt from the clamps, removed the bolt, let the tensioning pulley move out of position -just- enough to slip the belt into place, and popped the bolt back in while holding the tensioner mount in place to keep from farking up the indicator spring. The bolt went right in where it belonged, the tension was easily set using a mirror and a 1/4" drive breaker bar in the square hole, and everything works just perfectly.

Hope this helps.
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Old 12 Apr 2018, 06:55 pm
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Default Re: Still cannot get the ****ing timing belt back on without the timing marks ****ing

Just wait until it needs a heater core
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Old 12 Apr 2018, 07:08 pm
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Default Re: Still cannot get the ****ing timing belt back on without the timing marks ****ing

I thought it was your previous thread that I chimed in on... guess not. at your hardware store they sell new fangled composite door jam shims. wedge that bad boy in between the crank pulley and the engine case- the install is pulling the pulley in one direction, make sure to jam it in the right side... a huge broad tip flat blade will work too...

patience is a virtue with this task!!! walk away if needed and asking for help is sometimes, well, needed. youll get it.
i just realized what you are doing... do the exhaust cam last, not the tensioner!!
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Old 12 Apr 2018, 08:05 pm
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Default Re: Still cannot get the ****ing timing belt back on without the timing marks ****ing

I install mine putting the idler on last. Line it all up rotate cam closest to radiator counter clockwise- enough to slip the belt on the cogs,
( I have a tool I made) (rotate to take out slack, put clips on cam gears) now
your slack is between the water pup and idler. I slip the belt part way off the water pump and struggle a bit to slip
it on the idler then push it back into position on the water pump. Then i set the tension on the belt using a light and mirror to check it.
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Old 12 Apr 2018, 10:31 pm
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Default Re: Still cannot get the ****ing timing belt back on without the timing marks ****ing

I might of done the idler... which ever is easier p.s... if you don't have the plugs back in- put them back in. it will help things a bit. (put them in after you have the crank lined up or you'll be fighting the compression
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Old 13 Apr 2018, 04:56 pm
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Default Re: Still cannot get the ****ing timing belt back on without the timing marks ****ing

The timing belt goes in easer if you go counter clock wise. Make sure tensioner is backed off. Should be if new. Make sure that the crank is at the edge of the tooth to match the arrow. Forget about the half tooth. Thats a confusing way to go at it. The arrows on the cams line up to each other and arrows pointing up. Hold a straight edge across the middle of the cam bolts. The line should then pass over the inner marks. Now I can give you a trick to keeping you alignment as you go. With crank where you need to be. Make two dots on the lower lip with white pain pin or brush. Put your belt on there and make corresponding dots on the belt. Try to clamp the belt so it doesn't fall off. Or hold belt with your left hand on the tensioner side. Thread the belt around water pump and idler and over the intake cam gear. Makeing sure you visualize that notch inline with the cintcenterline of the cam bolt. If you crank and first cam liok good. Clamp the belt to the sprocket. Now is the time to look and maje sure the crank is still lines up and adjusts as required. If the cam still looks good. Put dots on belt and sprocket so yo can better tell if it moves while your attempting to capture the exhast cam. As you are trying to line this one up. You can hold light tension to hold belt aganst the pullys. Once you have the second cam lined uo and belt on clamp that one and see what your marks look like. You may h5a to turn your crank back on its mark and recheck your two cams. If either is off. Move your dot on the sprocket to where you think the mark will need to go to line up with the center line. The unclamp the cam and move the sprocket to line up with the new location. Reclamp and and move everything back in place pulling slack out to see you alignment. If all good clamp and go after the tensioner. Useing a wrench or ratchet, pull utthe slack towards the tensioner side with eather cam or crank or both. While doing this. Hold as much pressure on the belt. If it pops on great. If not equalize the top and bottom to see your marks again. The dots will help you here. If you think your there. Your going to turn one or the other crank or cam while you walking the belt on the tensioner. Once on, you can roll back to your marks. If all is good pull slack to the tensioner and make that adjustment. Now roll your engine over at least a full turn of the crank. Check your marks. If good taje a picture of the cam and crank marks that show without guessing your dead on. The recheck your adjustment on tensioner. Then you can get it ready ti fire with the belt still exposed. Once you confirm it starts and runs smooth. Start putting it back together. The pictures are important in case you have issues to show us and yourself you are indeed in time. And don't need to waste time messing with that to figure out what is causing the issue. PM me if you need my phone number or ask any of the guys with the three amigo in their signature for my number or help with your problem.
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