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Transmission Solenoid Pack Replacement

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Old 07 Dec 2018, 09:56 pm
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Default Transmission Solenoid Pack Replacement

Has anyone done this and, if so, why?

I guess I'm asking of there are symptoms (e.g. hard shifting) that might point towards pack replacement?

Thanks in advance.

Liberty MO
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Old 08 Dec 2018, 03:13 am
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Default Re: Transmission Solenoid Pack Replacement

Remove the battery and air cleaner assy. Clean the area around and behind the solenoid pack really well. 3 vertical screws, hex heads. Might have to remove the trans. cooler hoses. [mark left and right]. Clean off gasket. Don't allow dirt, etc into trans.

Why, because I wanted to eliminate a possible problem. [Didn't work for me].
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Old 08 Dec 2018, 08:50 am
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Default Re: Transmission Solenoid Pack Replacement

Just like pt06 said. IIRC, you'll need an 8 mm and a 10 mm socket. 8mm is for the connector bolt and 10mm for the 3 bolts that hold it to the transmission. Make sure you get the gasket placed properly before tightening it down. It's not that difficult, just a little aggravating.

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Old 08 Dec 2018, 01:51 pm
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Default Re: Transmission Solenoid Pack Replacement

How many miles on the car?

Has transmission fluid ever been changed

What type fluid was used?
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Old 09 Dec 2018, 11:02 am
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Default Re: Transmission Solenoid Pack Replacement

Took my 02 to get it replaced but it was simply because it was leaking transmission fluid from where it seals against the transaxle. I hate leaks!
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Old 14 Jan 2019, 10:03 pm
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Default Re: Transmission Solenoid Pack Replacement

Originally Posted by cfm56doc View Post
Took my 02 to get it replaced but it was simply because it was leaking transmission fluid from where it seals against the transaxle. I hate leaks!
I just finished this bear of a job today. The solenoid pack itself had begun leaking, as well as where it mounted to the transaxle.

The job is meticulous, not difficult. It's important to clean the whole area around the solenoid pack before you remove it. I recommend removing the battery tray support bracket before trying to remove the solenoid pack. That's held on with four bolts with 15 mm heads. Two of those will be difficult to get to. But removing the support bracket will give you full access and visibility to get to the solenoid back.

There are four electric connections attached to the battery tray support bracket. They will pop off easily using a forked plastic trim removal stick; the angled kind. (And it just dawned on me that I didn't pop them back into their mounts--aww, nuts.) Once the battery tray support bracket is removed, I sprayed the area around the old solenoid pack with brake cleaner. Then I cleaned the edges with cotton swabs, and sprayed more brake cleaner. Use a bright LED light to ensure that all the crud between the solenoid pack is gone. Any remaining crud can fall into the transaxle and cause problems.

I removed and replaced the transmission cooler hoses. They were in bad shape. There are two nearly identical plastic solenoid switches on the side of the transaxle. One has to come off. I suggest buying new ones and replacing both. They look like they'll interchange, and they might--sort of. But funny things will happen.

Once the cleaning is done, it's OK to remove the 8 mm head bolt that holds the electrical connector to the solenoid pack, and then the 10 mm head bolts that hold the solenoid pack to the transaxle. The solenoid pack will seem to be stuck. But that's the result of the interference fit of the locating roll pins that set the pack to the transaxle. A good whack with a mallet to a pry bar will get it loose.

You'll need a good quality solenoid pack because you don't want to do this job twice.

Then everything has to go back on.
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