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Installed Boost Controller

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Old 04 May 2003, 03:35 am
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Default Installed Boost Controller

Well today I installed my boost controller that I bought from Extreme Motorsports. It was crazy. I couldn't get my car to stop spiking at 21psi. I would spike at 21psi then level off around 16psi. Needless to say I quickly removed it. Has any1 else had any problems like this after installing a BC? I can figure it out. Even when it was turned all the way down I still spiked WAY to high.[xx(]
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Old 04 May 2003, 08:47 am
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I think you may be turning it the wrong way ! The way mine is installed (hallman) I turn it counter-clockwise to lower the boost.
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Old 04 May 2003, 09:15 am
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Take it out, blow through the intake port and either unscrew it's adjuster valve or screw it in. When you can blow through it freeely, it is set for minimum boost.

Then blow through it and SLOWLY turn the adjuster in the other direction from until it starts to restrict the air going through it.

Mount it in this position, watch the pressure readings, and try to set it where it gives no higher than 14 and around 9 on the low side.

Try this before giving up on the project...
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Old 04 May 2003, 10:14 am
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Which boost controller did you install? The Hallman and the TurboXs install with the hoses connected opposite of each other. The Hallman Pro has a small vent hole in the fitting that goes to the Wastegate actuator. If you install the controller with the hoses reversed the turbo will act the way that you describe. On the TurboXS single or dual stage boost controller, the bottom fitting is connected to the waste gate actuator and the side fitting is connected to the pressure side. The Hallman Pro controller (I do not have the ES so I can't comment on the configuration of that unit, but I would imagine that it is the same, ES unit has no vent hole in the fitting to the waste gate actuator) the side fitting goes to the wast gate actuator and the bottom fitting goes to the pressure side. These controllers are adjusted in opposite directions to increase boost. The TurboXs unit is turned counterclockwise to INCREASE boost. The Hallman Pro is turnes clockwise to INCREASE boost. BTW I'm sure that the ECU has spit out a chk eng lite. Disconnect the Neg. Batt. lead for 30 seconds and then reconnect. If you do not, the ECU will continue to throw a code even if it is not reading a malfunction. It MUST be reset. Double check the connections and the adjustment direction of the controller that you have installed, and I'm sure that you can correct this issue. The boost controllers are fairly simple mechanical devices and are pretty reliable.

Good Luck !! [|)]
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Old 05 May 2003, 11:21 am
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I boost 15psi all day long in my SRT-4. I do peak to 18psi at times if I get on the gas and the rpm is at 2000. I have an electronic one so all I do is dial in the numbers inside and wala.

Is yours a 5speed?


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Old 05 May 2003, 04:00 pm
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If you're using the Hallman ES yours might be assembled incorrectly like mine was.
When I first got my Hallman ES MBC it allowed the turbo to spool quickly but never got much higher than 7psi with the adjustment screw almost falling out or all the way in.
Blowing through the pressure side while turning the knob gave no results so I opened it up to find the piston had been installed in reverse so that the adjustment screw didn't place any pressure on the piston. I turned the piston around and found that with the screw almost falling out it was set around 16psi not good for the lowest setting so I found the best solution was to grind that little piston peg in half. Now I have complete control and can easily adjust from wide open to as high as I like with the adjustment screw in a pretty good amount of the way.
If the peg was in wrong you would get quick spool, but not really any much more boost than stock. If the peg is in right your lowest setting could be 16psi like mine was. If you have it installed backwards things are not gonna be good for your motor.
Side exit on Hallman ES needs to go back into the #2 solenoid where the cream colored pipe went. Cream colored one goes into the barb parallel with the adjustment screw.
If its hooked right and it goes past 15 really quickly with the screw all the way out then you need to grind that piston peg in half.

Remember if boost seems to be climbing out of control just lift the gas pedal quick, pull over, and re-adjust.

I lit my engine light after wheel spin and sitting around 3k rpms in 3rd the other day. Might be the computer getting pissed about not being able to lower boost when the trac control kicks in. I Reset it and lowered boost a little and haven't seen it since.

Good Luck
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