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Power Loss and misfires GT 03

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Old 18 May 2011, 08:59 pm
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Default Power Loss and misfires GT 03

Hello cruizer people, long time without posting....

Well my GT03 (60k miles) woke today with a strange sound like a plastic shell being crushed instantly but nothing rattling just like a pop! , on my way to the work this sound popped after reving from low RPMS, later on the way back to home I learned that it happened after passing de 1k RPM mark and sometimes just idling waiting a red light and with evident power loss, not enough to say i cannot reach above 30mph but i can feel the lack of power definitely and the engine sounds too forced above 40mph.

Could be a spark plug?

Thanks and grettings.
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Old 20 May 2011, 12:15 am
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Default Re: Power Loss and misfires GT 03

Oh Well the clak/pop sound is gone but the lacking of power remains and theres no "whine" sound from the turbo.

So I brought the PT to a mechanic that a friend told me I could trust but my fears become true, the mechanic doesn't know much about turbocharged engines just the basic. He asked me if i was using synt oil all the time, I say yes as all maintenance services until 50k mi (the car has now 59k mi) were done at the chrysler dealer where I bought the PT. He also asked me to rev the car to look for the "whine" sound and told me it seems the turbo is not working, he would contact a turbo specialist to check the issue and since he found that the air filter is clogged (there was a small sheet of thin foam stuck on it) offered to do the 60k service scheduled for next monday.

When no "whine" sound plus lack of power that always means turbo replacement?

I found one online marked as Big Turbo Kit Neon Srt4 2.4l T3 T4 (upto 400 hp) EMUSA for $800 not much options here in MX! what do you think?

Gracias amigos deseeme buena suerte (thank you my friends wish me good luck)
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Old 20 May 2011, 12:38 am
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Default Re: Power Loss and misfires GT 03

No whine and lack of power would definitely point torwards the turbo.

Does it not spin at all? Why not check of shaft play.

I'm certain if it blew, you'd get blue smoke or something.

Anyway, sometimes the turbo's go out on these things because they're not properly maintained. Sure Full Synthetic goes a long way, but if you go out and right away start boosting on a dry turbo, or push it and when you arrive to your destination without letting the turbo cool off a bit, bad things will happen.

Reason for using full synthetic is because it doesn't cook as quickly/easily as non-synthetic. The 'cooking' of the oil will build up and clog your lines and eventually starve the turbo to death due to lack of oil.

Btw, if you went with a big turbo upgrade you'd need a ton of mods to support it. It's not just a drop in and go kind of thing.

You can find used TD04LR's all day long for about $100.
Originally Posted by Chromenut View Post
Kawi is a friggin genius!
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Old 20 May 2011, 08:17 pm
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Default Re: Power Loss and misfires GT 03

Hello Kawizx9r thanks for replay BTW nice monster.

I going to check the shaft play tomorrow I think something is clogging or maybe a leak because paying attention I swear I can hear some very low pitch woosh when reving but not blue smoke or any color smoke is or was present, just the clak sound I mentioned before (now recalling was like a single firecracker) .

I know what you mean about the proper maintain, I used to be a PT enthusiast but lately with the budget austerity my PT survives with the basics but I used it for the basics too, I mean strictly PT (Personal Transportation) and when agressive driving is needed the turbo cooling time is for sure hehehe.

I gonna start looking for used TD04LR's as you suggested, I don't want to be caugh off guard!

Thanks amigo.
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Old 21 May 2011, 12:49 am
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Default Re: Power Loss and misfires GT 03

Very simple, take off the cover of your air box, remove the hose to the turbo, you can feel the turbine then. Or start the car with the cover off, you can hear the turbo like crazy then.

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Old 21 May 2011, 01:51 am
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Default Re: Power Loss and misfires GT 03

Hi there Guys... ok... so dont get me all looney... but Nobody has talk about a bad CAT?... I once owned a Buick Regal, and one day Boom! like a cherry bomb! and start cuffing all the way to the university, then it was like 4K and it was like struggle to roll... So I was thinking that the supercharger blew or something was a 3800 GS Supercharged... went to the mechanic and he told me that my supercharger was bad.. damn but it my way to my house a dude told me hey seems like you have a bad CAT... I was like really? and he say yes... Its messed up, I have a magnaflow bla bla bla... so he sold me a magnaflow one for 30 bucks and problem solved and BTW... No service engine light come off or rotten eggs smell NOTHING!... so this is just my guess, I'm not saying that its the cat.. but could be a possibility or that something made his way to the turbo and stuck the impeller

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