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Need Help with my PT GT

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Old 27 Oct 2011, 11:41 pm
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Default Need Help with my PT GT

Hi guys, I got a 03 PT GT used in feb of this year and love the car but recently on the drive to school it started running really bad so I pulled the codes on it PO301 and did the suggested plugs/wires fix and even went as far as swapping the injectors to see if the problem moved from the 301 code to the 304 side..anyway, after I finished doing these items and reconnecting the battery it had no codes showing but still ran bad (sluggish,boggy)...
I drove it for a few miles to retrain the computer and it threw 2 new codes po234 and p1188 both are overboost related and I am at a loss to what to do about them or things to check or look for!
I love the car and hate to see it like this...any help?
Thanks in advance
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Old 28 Oct 2011, 06:36 am
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Default Re: Need Help with my PT GT

Found this in a search........

The Powertrain Diagnostic Procedures list the following error codes in one category for diagnoses:

P0234 - Overboost Performance
P1106 - BARO Solenoid Performance (Barometric Pressure)
P1188 - TIP Sensor Performance (Throttle Inlet Pressure)

Test Note: All symptoms listed above are diagnosed using the same tests. The title for the tests will be P-0234 Overboost Performance

When Monitored and Set Condition

P-0234 - Overboost Performance
When Monitored: With engine running.
Set Condition: The TIP Sensor signal indicates excessive boost pressure.

P-1106 - BARO Solenoid Performance
When Monitored: With engine in turbocharger boost mode.
Set Condition: The PCM does not detect sufficient difference between TIP signal and BARO Pressure signal during turbocharge boost mode.

P-1188 TIP Sensor Performance
When Monitored: During the engine turbocharger boost and non-boost modes.
Set Condition:
Non-boost mode: PCM detects a siginificant difference between the TIP Sensor signal and the BARO Pressure signal.
Boost mode: The TIP Sensor signal is unable to read correct boost level.

Possible Causes:
Checking for other DTCs
Checking the hoses and tubing
Checking the vacuum supply to surge solenoid
Confirm all solenoid test
Good trip equal to zero
Solenoid #3 test
Solenoid test #1
Solenoid test #2
Solenoid test #4
Wastegate actuator

The above is from the manual as printed. There are 10 tests in the diagnoses procedure. The test procedure makes use of an if/then flowchart that determines if the next step is sequential or a branch to another test which may bypass part of the procedure or refer to another set of diagnostic procedures.

FWIW, the check tubing/hoses specifies to check all tubes/hoses between air cleaner and intake manifold, all tubes connected to intercooler, all tubes/hoses connected to turbocharger, Tip Solenoid, Surge Solenoid and Wastegate solenoid.

The procedures for the solenoids include leakdown tests, wastegate arm movement at 10 PSI, solenoid electrical operation and solenoid ground integrity.

The last procedure recommend replacement of the turbocharger if all previous procedures pass. Another FWIW, if the wastegate actuator arm fails to extend 1/2" to 3/4" when 10 PSI is applied, the solution is to replace the turbocharger.

So, what does all of this mean? I don't know. What I can guess is that the PCM monitors all of the items under test in one way or another. By referencing Barometric pressure, and boost present at the TIP, it can determine the actual boost level (over atmospheric pressure). It also uses these 2 sensors to make a determination of how the turbo system (turbocharger, surge valve and wastegate) are responding to it's commands to their respective solenoids and plumbing. The TIP apparently is the center of the universe for the PCM as far as turbo operation and control is concerned. I am guessing that between it, the MAP and BARO sensors, the PCM gets all the data it needs to manage the system, and determine a failure in the system if the data coming back doesn't jive with what it is telling the system to do.

ASD (Auto Shut Down) is a re-occuring circuit in the fuel system, emmision system, electrical system, etc. It could be ASD kicking in, fuel rail unable to deliver, ASD causing fuel rail to stop delivering, "soft rev limiting", who knows....

The PCM is a stubborn, self-centered, egotistical collection of electronic mass. Anything that doesn't perform the way it expects receives corrective measures, and that may be some of what is going on. One thing that is looking clearer is that changes in the wastegate vacuum system, surge actuator vacuum system, wastegate arm spring tension or any other component in the turbocharger system is not welcomed with open arms by the PCM. Data received by the PCM from those components and the ones that monitor them is either inconsistent with the expected response, or possibly outside of the range of parameters that the PCM is programmed to
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Old 28 Oct 2011, 08:50 am
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Default Re: Need Help with my PT GT

Thanks for the reply CREWZIN it helped...went out this morning and looked at it and found the culprit for the 1188 and the 234 code...I guess the air tube between the t/body and the tube from the cooler had come loose with the engine vibrating and I couldn't see it in the dark with the little bit of light I had to work with...the car has power now and cleared those codes off and drove it around a few miles to warm it up and see if they would show again...nothing!
But, the car still shakes at idle and has the symptoms as it did when it had the po301 code(no code yet) me it feels like a clogged converter(felt it before on a n/a car) .
Will a clogged converter still flow "good" at engine idle speed(stand behind the car and feels normal)?...what test can I do at home for it??

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Old 28 Oct 2011, 11:26 am
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Default Re: Need Help with my PT GT


Well my wife came out when I was running the car and said there was a smell of sulfer coming from the car, faint but there, so I am thinking without the ability to get the test stuff I need from the vids I watched(poor student here!) I am thinking the converter is crapped out or on its last legs...under the car it looks like its been there since the car was its time for it!

Thanks CREWZIN for all of your assistance and advice!
the only thing I need to know now is how to remove the old one and advice on where to locate a new one not as pricey as the dealers want for it(almost had a heart attack when I heard the price).

Again thanks
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Old 28 Oct 2011, 11:39 am
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Default Re: Need Help with my PT GT

I'd take it to a muffler shop or a shop that does all kinds of different work. Get a price in advance for both the CAT and labor and also shop around as prices vary.

If you want to do it yourself. Take a look at the muffler clamps before and after the CAT and see if they look in good enough shape for you to just get them off. Normally after years, they will be rusted on and need special tools to cut the rusted parts off. If they are good, look around for Pep Boys or Anvance Auto or Autozone and get some prices.
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Old 30 Oct 2011, 11:30 am
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Default Re: Need Help with my PT GT

Yet another update!
I spoke with a muffler shop guy that told me a way to check if the converter is bad is to take the upstream o2 sensor out and start and run the car...this he said would relieve some back pressure from the cat and I could tell from there if its bad.
Well, i did as suggested and only found it made it a LOT louder but didnt really help the guy that told me this full of it or is that a way to tell?
Oh and something my wife noticed is that when the car is in gear the lights pulse when the car is stopped...don't know if that is any way related but had to mention it.
Any thoughts on these problems,possible solutions would be great..expecially since this is our only vehicle!

Thanks CREWZIN again for all of your help!
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Old 30 Oct 2011, 03:12 pm
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Default Re: Need Help with my PT GT

Never heard of the 02 sensor being pulled to check the CAT but since it is right above the exhaust outlet, yea the noise would increase 100%. Don't know if the guy is puling you leg or not.

The lights pulsing at a light could very well be an alternator problem. Suggest you have it checked for free at any good auto shop like AutoZone or such. They check the battery and charging system. You also want to check the ground wire (negative ) or any other ground wire you can find to make sure there's no corrosion on the cable ends.
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Old 01 Nov 2011, 06:39 pm
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Default Re: Need Help with my PT GT

The lights could just be pulsing because the idle is too low and not spinnging the alternator fast enough.

This is a long shot but you might check your fuel pressure if you have access to a tester gauge. Low pressure caused by a bad pump or clogged sock can give you a bad idle too.
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Old 02 Nov 2011, 07:37 am
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Default Re: Need Help with my PT GT

Doubt it's converter, but it is possible. How many miles on the car? Converter is covered under a federal law up to so many miles - ask dealer, they'll know how many miles the law calls for on converter.
There are many reports of "flickering lights" (do a search)- is idle smooth?
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