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Looking for Diagnostic help/suggestions

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Old 23 Aug 2012, 12:22 pm
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Default Looking for Diagnostic help/suggestions

Few days ago my wife was driving her 05 convertible turbo (engine vin e with 125k) said she heard a noise and engine light came on. Was running and driving OK at that time. Now it won't get out of its own way, struggles under load, and every once in a while sputters, spits out white smoke (has emission smell, not coolant).

When I got to inspect it I found the air cleaner clips all missing (replaced), Crank case hose missing (replaced) and the box to turbo hose split (also replaced).

Code said TPS sensor (replaced). Check engine light was still on, got it re-read and said MAP sensor (replaced).

Check engine light still on, still struggling under load and doing the smoke thing, once in a while. Got codes read again and still have P2074 which reads out as failed signal between MAP and TPS indicating large vacuum leak or Engine Mechanical. Cannot locate a large vacuum leak.

Also has P1697 (1st time it came up) indicating ECM problem dealing with mileage indicator.

Could this be a slipped timing belt? Allegedly it was replaced before we bought with 85k on it, but not so sure. Hoping the combined experience here can point me in a direction. Mechanically I am more than capable, just need help on where to look.

Sorry for long post, thanks in advance. . .
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Old 23 Aug 2012, 03:01 pm
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Default Re: Looking for Diagnostic help/suggestions

I doubt it's the timing belt. If it was, it would be all the time, not "once in a while". If you aren't very familiar with a turbo engine, it can be daunting to locate a vac leak. There are dozens of places where leaks can crop up. The intake main gaskets are common ones (this usually causes a funky idle, though) and all the big and little hoses can leak at either end connections or even somewhere in the middle. What's recommended is what's called a "boost leak test" where you pressurize the intake system (20-25psi) and listen for air escaping to track down any leaks.
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Old 28 Aug 2012, 09:05 pm
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Default Re: Looking for Diagnostic help/suggestions

OR, you can get a leak check spray, and, while idling, spray it on one section of the intake, vacuum lines, etc until the idle smooths out for a second. Just spray a SMALL section at a time, to try to isolate a possible vacuum leak.

Good luck, and let us know what the problem was, please.

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Old 28 Aug 2012, 09:49 pm
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Default Re: Looking for Diagnostic help/suggestions

Boost/vac gauges are your friend; excellent for monitoring rather than just eye-candy like some people think.
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