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Old 17 May 2004, 12:05 pm
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Default Info from SRT Forums

I've been reading the SRT Forums (link is available from this site), and especially threads about Stage 2. Sounds like most people are happy with it. They say drivablility and feel of more power is great. LOTs of those guys also take their cars to the track, so they share a lot of empirical data about their cars performance. They are running times between 13.2's to 13.8's with Stage 2.

I was interested with one thread about a few Stage 2 people who were disappointed with their mph in the quarter being around 98 to 100, when they expected 105-106. The analysis lead to checking for leakage of boost due to loose hose clamps on the pressurised parts of the system. This apparently may be more prevalent with the higher boost levels of Stage 2, but it may affect even Stage 0. I remembered that I had actually had the hose blow off of my intake where it goes into the throttle body under normal driving conditions -it was caused simply by the hose clamp not being tight from the factory. After reading that thread, I checked the hose clamps at the connections in and out of my intercooler. They were also not very tight. Anyway ... something easy to check if you haven't.
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Old 17 May 2004, 02:07 pm
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I just read some more posts over there at SRT forums and it looks more like they are running 13.8's to 14.2's with Stage 2. They say Stage 2 feels great, but many seem to say there is little or no improvement in track times over Stage 0 or Stage 1 with a few mods. It's enlightening reading over there, and it might change how you feel about getting Stage 2 for your GT.
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Old 18 May 2004, 07:51 am
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I wonder whats up with the slow times? No traction for you! [:I]

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Old 18 May 2004, 07:52 pm
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At the 2003 Mopar Nationals in Columbus, one of the Mopar 2003 SRT-4s ran the quarter in 13.49 seconds on factory 17" Michelin Pilot Sports (Stage 1, no other mods).

I will assume that the slow times are due to: 1) no LSDs on Stage 2-equipped 2003 SRT-4s. 2) Bad launches and 3) Inexperience (not picking on anyone, you gotta start sometime [])

I just can't believe that most of the Stage 2 SRT-4s are SLOWER than a Stage 1-equipped SRT-4. (See aforementioned reasons)

\"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.\"
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