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I have no hair left p0300 p0303 misfire

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Old 25 Aug 2016, 09:07 am
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Default I have no hair left p0300 p0303 misfire

Post sounds simple enough I know.
I have a 2003 gt with auto trans. I bought it for my daughter to drive to school(student teacher on a budget).
I knew it had a misfire when I bought it and assumed it would be simple.

Old owner replaced
ECM, cam position sensor, plugs, wires, coil(x2)

It misfires mostly when warmed up, I can drive it 10 miles with no noticeable issues. Then is might start misfiring while going down the highway or I might park it for 5 minutes and come out and it runs rough. Or it will run fine again for a while.

I have replaced
timing belt w/all pulleys tensioners ext, crank position sensor, plugs again,

No change noted.
I took this to a very reliable mechanic and it started as maybe a timing belt. Obviously not the case. Possible injector?
I am leaning towards a wiring issue somewhere but I could really use some knowledge.

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Old 25 Aug 2016, 09:40 am
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Default Re: I have no hair left p0300 p0303 misfire

Welcome to the forum
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Old 25 Aug 2016, 10:31 am
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Default Re: I have no hair left p0300 p0303 misfire

Welcome to the forum. Did anyone bother to check the magnet behind the cam sensor? Maybe it's cracked.

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Old 25 Aug 2016, 11:28 am
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Default Re: I have no hair left p0300 p0303 misfire

Welcome to the forum.

Did this problem come up right after the timing belt was replaced or before?

Are the spark plug wires okay?

Has there been a engine compression check on all cylinders?

Have you tried Techron Injector cleaner(that is safe for CAT) to clean the injectors if the engine compression is good on all cylinders?

Has the codes been reset several times by a OBDII scan tool and the same codes come up P0300 and P0303?
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Old 25 Aug 2016, 03:33 pm
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Default Re: I have no hair left p0300 p0303 misfire

Aluminum turbo manifold? Check the gasket. Usually blows out at #4, but still a likely possibility.

My step by step...
Pull the #3 plug and wire - swap the #3 wire with the #2 wire and the #3 plug with the #4 plug. With the aluminum intake you can do this without pulling it. Did the code follow the plug or wire? If so, there is your problem. If not...

Pull the upper manifold and fuel rail with injectors. Look in the #3 injector port - is there a chunk of intake gasket blocking it? If so, pull the lower and change the gasket. Do a compression test, is #3 way low? If not, swap the #3 injector with another. Did the code follow the injector? If so, there is your problem.

Mildly time consuming, but total expenditure is +/- $7 for an intake gasket and you probably located your problem.

If you didn't pull your lower intake, the gasket may still be the problem.

EDIT: I know the prior owner replaced... I never trust the prior owner. Sometimes even when it was my Dad!
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162,000 miles

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