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Old 14 Jan 2005, 10:17 pm
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Default Recommended Fuel

I have a 04 GT Turbo. It has developed a miss. The dealer has already changed the plugs and wires. Now they think it is an injector.

I use Shell V-power 93 octane fuel. The tech at the dealer told me to switch to Amaco 93 octane because it is a true 93 octane without any methenol. I have run Shell fuel in my cars for probably the last 10 years or longer with no ill effects.

Can anyone shed any light on this subject as to if Shell V-power is not the best for a Cruiser?

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Old 14 Jan 2005, 11:41 pm
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93 is 93 no matter where you get it. IMHO

Now with stage 1

Just a GT... Thats tearin\' arse on the driveway.

14.626 @ 94.74
stage 0 , intake and exhaust only.
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Old 15 Jan 2005, 01:20 am
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Try the Amaco 93 and see what happens. I use 92 octane from a gas station in our little town that belongs to a feed company. Rarely buy gas from name brand stations.
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Old 15 Jan 2005, 03:01 am
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I stopped using Shell gas a few years back due to it causing my valves to clatter. Have only used BP/Amaco and Chevron 93 octane in this PT with no ill effects. I would not recommend going under 93 tho as my I tried to drive it with plus before and it did not perform well and developed valve clatter. Just my $.02 worth!
\'03 Lt. Almond GT Autostick, Brand X, stage 1 [], mopar BOV
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Old 15 Jan 2005, 09:02 am
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"Valve Clatter", "Pre-Ignition" and "Detonation" are terms that describe the fuel charge being ignited before the spark plug fires. It is harmful to the engine because the noise you hear is the engine trying to reverse it's rotation. The octane number is the measurement of the fuel to resist "detonation". Eventually, the PCM will adjust for lower octane to resist detonation by retarding the timing, resulting in lower horsepower. Btw, this is the way (illegal) race car traction control works. They program in the ramp up rate of the engine and if the computer reads too fast a ramp up rate (e.i., wheel spin), it retards the timing to lower the HP to the rear wheels. A very simple system but outlawed by Nascar and every other sanctioning body. Our Traction Control works on wheel speed indicators and brake solenoids.

But I digress, if you want the most power from your GT (and who doesn't), just buy premium fuel.[8)]
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