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Any Special Treatment Needed for the GT Turbo?

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Old 15 Apr 2003, 03:18 pm
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Default Any Special Treatment Needed for the GT Turbo?

A friend recently suggested that with Turbo Charged Engines, when returning from a drive, you need to let the car idle for a moment to cool down before turning off the engine. Not doing this will significantly shorten the life of the Turbo Charger. Is this still relevent information? And, is there anything else that those of us who have never owned a Turbo Charged Engine need to know about them?

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Old 15 Apr 2003, 06:48 pm
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Best thing to do is run synth oil. It does not "coke" like dino oil when it sits on the bearings after shutdown. Also the turbo's bearings on the PTs and most other cars these days are water cooled and this helps prevent it too. However, if you are blasting down the highway full tilt and pull off to get gas right there at the offramp, I would still give it a little cooldown period. Other than that I don't worry about it.

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Old 15 Apr 2003, 07:03 pm
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Welcome to the forum!!!

I posted a topic on the GT forum about how annoying the cool-down can be if'n you take lots of short "intense" trips around town.<img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>

There should be a yellow addendum card somewhere in your paperwork that explains the cool down routine. It says:


Driving Conditions Idle Time (in minutes) Before Shut Down

Normal Driving Not required.
Aggressive Driving or Heavily Loaded 3
Trailer Tow 5

One bit of advice I've gotten from one of the folks here (Cal Cruzer I think) that I plan on following is to switch to synthetic oil. This eliminates the need for the cool down period. Evidently the synths don't boil off and leave solids on the Turbo bearings to gunk them up like regular oil does. There are lots of performance tips around here if you dig a little. Oh yes: You probably will want to modify the engine compartment seal to allow the heat out. Look for a thread called "Cost Efficient Mods that won't Void Your Warranty".


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Old 15 Apr 2003, 08:25 pm
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I'm going to switch to synthetic oil at 5000 miles...and just to be on the safe side...get a turbo timer...which leads me to start a new thread.....

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Old 15 Apr 2003, 08:55 pm
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I listened to alot of people on this board and changed it at 1000 miles and it runs better. Mobile 1 SS is great oil. Car seems a bit fster honestly.

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Old 16 Apr 2003, 01:17 am
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You dont have to wait to switch to synthetic, many cars come from the factory with synthetic. Breaking in the rings with regular oil is a thing of the past....

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Old 16 Apr 2003, 02:00 am
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Found out on a Neon SRT forum that those cars have synthetic oil from the factory. Same engine as or GT's. So I now say don't wait to make the change.
Wonder why they didn't do that with our Cruisers.

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Old 16 Apr 2003, 02:34 am
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Even if you use synthetic oil, you STILL have to let your turbo cool down. The turbo spins at about 100k rpm when at full speed. When you run it hard, the manifold and turbine housing actually start to glow cherry red. If you shut down the car, you can bet that any oil will choke in a heart beat.

Synthetic oil does not break down to heat as easy as dyno oil does, but that does not mean that it will not break down.

The SRT-4 comes with synthetic oil from the factory, and we have the same cool down schedual as listed above.

On my toyota supra, i always used synthetic oil. WHen the seals wore out on my turbos , i swapped them. I noticed a little bit of choking in the old ones even though i let the car cool down.

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Old 16 Apr 2003, 08:49 am
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I really appreciate all this great advice. As a newbie to the forum and turbo in general, can you please define "Agressive driving" for me? Here's my normal commuting pattern, (twice a day):

For first 15 minutes, I drive 40-50 MPH
For next 10 minutes, I drive 65-75 MPH
For last 10 minutes, I drive 50-60 MPH (stop and go).

I'm sure it can't hurt to allow for cool down, but based on this pattern, can it hurt NOT to?

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Old 17 Apr 2003, 02:20 am
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Based on your driving pattern Tangerine, I would suggest that you let the turbo cool down for at least one minute if you have staying below about 3000 rpms for the last several minutes of driving and let it cool down for three minutes if you have been running it up in the gears during the last several minutes of driving.

It certainly can't hurt anything to let it cool down with the oil and water circulating to help cool it down. You could install a Turbo Timer OR get an Exhaust Temperature Gauge and wait until the temperature drops down on the gauge (the temperature will vary depending on the location of the sensor).

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