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First advanced detail class

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Old 30 Apr 2003, 09:41 am
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Default First advanced detail class

Well I hosted my first "Advanced Auto Detailing Class" last night, it went great. As far as I know their is no such class anywhere which is available to the public. Students were required to bring in a small auto body part, I supplied the chemicals (compounds, polish, glaze, sealant) and the buffers, people that were intimadated with these tools left the class more relaxed/and were excited about gaining some experience on a professional level. We used a five step method (or more) on these old beat up body parts, most of them almost looked brand new again after the class. The students did the work, I only instructed. I don't know what I have more of a passion for, doing the actual work, or teaching. I think fell into something that people really want> information on how to keep their car looking new. My classes > teach those that want to learn. Plus, I can do the work at my shop. I even get people that work along side me while detailing their car, so they can learn how to do the work. Cruisin for the details>
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Old 30 Apr 2003, 10:27 am
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If I lived in your area I would definitely attend one of these clinics. I've only waxed a car once (my new GT) and I'm afraid I did it wrong and rubbed scratches into the clear coat.

Can you explain the proper way to wax? (I know that sounds like a dumb question, but I've never really done it before). How much should I put on an applicator at a time? How much auto body should that amount cover? How many applicators will I need to use to do an entire PT? (etc. etc.)

If you could answer these questions I'd greatly appreciate it.
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Old 01 May 2003, 12:10 am
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DT/pt.......your words say what most people feel but don';t know where to go for answers. That is why I started these car care clinics. I have done over 85 of them since last spring and recently I was on Cable TV as well. Most people don;t know how to keep their car looking good. YOu should see what people to do cars that come in my shop. It is unreal. You can start by looking at my web site,) go to the "tips" section. As far as you questions, most people simply wash then wax their car. They don;t know that all the inbetween steps are what is most important to obtain a great finish with lasting protection. You must first wash your car with a more aggressive solution like dawn if you plan on going through what I post. (DO NOT USE DAWN AS A REGULAR MAINTENENCE WASH, IT WILL REMOVE WAX/SEALANTS)after you wash make sure you rinse well. many times swirls and scratches start here, when people dry down car not rinsing all the contaminents off. Once you have done that, go around the car, inspect for problems, tar, soot, imperfections, and other areas of concern. For tar use a solvent to remove. Since your Cruiser is almost new I would clay it completely. Use a new bucket of soap, lubricate well with QD spray. YOu will be amazed at how much surface contaminemts will come off. Clay will make sure your finish is properly prepped for next step. You something like a hand polish if you don;t have a DAPC. Meguiars makes a hand polish, Klasse has a nice all in polish, so does 3-m. Make sure it is for hand application. work in small sections at a time, remove product with micro fiber towel ( I started selling them at my clinics because no one has heard of them before) now you are ready to either wax or paint seal. If you check out guru wax reports, they conclude what I have said all along. Which is that synthetic sealants last 4-5 times longer than the top grade wax. I use (and now sell) a product called diamond plus, their are many of the market. Today I detailed a black Volvo that on occassion will host cat dance lessons on the roof, hood and trunk. It was in bad shape> you car won't need this kind of work, but just to give you an example I> washed and clayed, washed again, used Meguiars Diamond Cut Compound with synthetic wool pad @1600 RPM's with a High speed buffer, Next went with a fine cut paint cleaner foam pad @1400 RPM's/ next polishing foam pad using a swirl remover polish, using a DAPC med speed. Final application was my sealant/ I won;'t get into the interior, thats another story. Anyway the owner could not believe it was the same car, I was so excited (this is the part that makes this job rewarding) bringing back cars from the dead> well, I went on way to long, I get carreid away with this stuff, guess I love cars too much, hope that helps, send me a message through my web site and tell me what you think, going to bed now, enough for now> Always Cruisin, gary> turbomangt
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