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I cant get an alignment with 20's goldline springs

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Old 23 Jun 2006, 07:38 pm
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Default I cant get an alignment with 20's goldline springs

does anyone know how i can get an alignment? i bought a camber kit and was planning on doing it myself, but i guess the instructions say i have to go to the alignment shop anyway or have alignment tool. i did not install the bolts yet but went to 4 alignment shops and they all say they can't do it. its too low and rims too big. its a 2001 with goldline 2.75/3.25 springs with 20 inch rims. it seems to drive pretty straight. except it will pull a little bit when i accelerate, which it always did that before springs and rims, i dont know why... anyone have any advice?
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Old 23 Jun 2006, 09:46 pm
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Have to find a shop that has "longer" and "wider" ramps to allow a lowered car with wide rims and tires on the alignment rack. The ramps are pretty wide already, since trucks usually get aligned on the same rack. Usually, a performance tire and suspension store has everything needed to do any car. Or find a big rig tire store and ask them to do an alignment. It all depends on where you live.

If you want your alignment dead on or zero'd out, you might need different camber bolts, the 2°-3° camber bolts rather than the standard 1° camber bolts. Many people don't just want an alignment that is within specs, but want it "perfect", so tire wear is even across the tread.

The pulling on acceleration is just torque steer.
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Old 26 Jun 2006, 07:45 pm
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First, big shiny rims and a lowered stance scares shops. They have been there, done that. It usually ends up with many combacks, an unhappy customer, and a difficult job.
They have to got through motions to get the car on the rack that take time and is difficult.
The usual equipment locks onto the rims with little metal lugs. The problem is how to fit these without hurting the rims.
Next, the suspension is no longer stock, so the low-end guy is lost. Mid-level guys don't want the hassle. You need to find the high-end guy who considers it a challenge. This means more money and the right attitude.
Now, once the first step is taken, and you have specs for where the car is currently, the 2 of you have to come up with a desired result and a plan to reach it. More knowledge and attitude here. If you go in with the "just like stock, I don't care how" answer, the shop will either have to go through a long explaination on why that is no longer possible, or kick you to the curb. Understand what you have done by lowering the car and communicate what you want and expect that is reasonable. Explain what you hope for, and listen to what is offered. If you don't know what Caster and camber is and what each do, stop and find out. Learning SAI will make you able to really communicate. Spring rates and shock valving won't hurt, either.

In closing, don't be the uninformed customer that has made major changes and thinks a few simple adjustments will make it ride the same as before! Shops see way too many of these.

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Old 27 Jun 2006, 10:49 am
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Get it bagged! No problems after that.....good luck.
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Old 29 Jun 2006, 10:15 pm
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I have the same springs, 17" stock rims though. I used the chamber kit and even with the kit there is a noticable angle on the front tires, since the rear is a straight axle, no change there as you can imagine but the drive is straight, no alignment for me but I didn't fork over the $$ for larger rim's and tires just yet. I have my tires rotated with every oil change to help reduce any extra wear on the inside of the front tires. The look beats it all. Would have bagged except for the cost myself, would be nice to raise it sometimes to clear some things a little less nervously but even not it's worth the troubles for the look lowering it this much makes.
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Old 01 Aug 2006, 10:45 am
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Hey guys, dont mean to steal your post prcruz311, but I was just wondering where you guys bought your GoldLine Slammer kits? I am in the market for a set now, as well as new shocks and struts. What kind of struts and shocks are you using?

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Old 02 Aug 2006, 05:28 pm
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did you ever get the wheel alignment done ??
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