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GALVANIZEDYANKEE 10 Dec 2008 08:18 am

I anticipate lowering my 04 GT Turbo. Looking for camber adjusters is very confusing. Most venders show photos with a notation, “example, these may NOT be the adjusters for your car”. A very true statement. The price of the kits also have great variations in price. Some imply that the front adjusters are adjustable ball joints. Others say the adjusters provide adjustable control arm mounts. After much research I am convinced that the only front camber adjusters are no more than eccentric strut mounting bolts. Some kits have just upper adjustable bolts, some with upper and lower. All claim different adjustment ranges, although there is just so much the cam can adjust without elongating the mounting hole. The rear is even more confusing. Regardless of claims of various rear camber adjusters, only the shims seem applicable. Some say for rear drum brakes. None say for rear disc brakes. The GT has rear disc brakes. I need some advice. Some info from members who have gone through the installation would be appreciated.

quicksilverdon 11 Dec 2008 10:28 pm

I can only comment that you are correct - rear is shims - I have rear disks and that's the adjustment. I needed a rear alignment not from lowering, but because of a nasty pothole. The eccentric amber bolts are for the front, and many have said they didn't need them, the more you lower, the more likely you'll need it.

lakersfan1 13 Dec 2008 10:57 am

The rears will not need them because it's a solid rear axle. I lowered my rear 3" and didn't need them. The front only comes in eccentric bolts. The adjustable ball joint pics pop up for alot of models, but only really exist for a few cars. The price will usually be $40+ for those types of camber kits, though. I will check my storage for the camber bolts and PM you back if I've got them still. Pretty sure I saw them the other day. Only reason I didn't need them was my $1200 coilovers were pre-slotted for camber adjustment. But I was a good 2 degrees off after lowering and definitely needed adjustment.

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