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Front wheel squeaks... Need new struts too

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Old 09 Oct 2010, 05:05 pm
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Unhappy Front wheel squeaks... Need new struts too


Replaced brake pads and rotors because this noise is most prevalent when braking. However, the noise still exists. Probably going to have to get the entire front end done (not good for a broke-arse college student like myself)... I know I need new struts and I'm going to get some...

I'm buying the parts and having my uncle fix these problems. Problem is, I have to drive 800+ miles to get there (I'm away from home right now), and I'm wondering if it's dangerous to drive with damaged struts. I do plan on going to a local shop and having them inspect it before I go... but I'm severely poor right now and I need to get this car back so that I can get it fixed.

Any advice? Thanks!
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Old 09 Oct 2010, 08:05 pm
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Default Re: Front wheel squeaks... Need new struts too

Replacing the struts will also mean that your almost certainly going to need a front end alignment so put that in your budget.

If your struts are in one piece you can probably get away with getting to your uncle's place. Depending on where you go to have them looked at, they will almost certainly try and sell you the parts and tell you how dangerous it is to drive.

How do you know you need new struts. Is the car bouncing up and down like a pogo stick? If the struts go entirely, all you'll have left is the spring surrounding the strut and without damping of the strut you'll be bouncing like crazy. If your not, they will probably last to you get where your going.

Push down on the corners of the car and see if it starts bouncing. More than twice up and down, the struts are shot.
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Old 09 Oct 2010, 08:54 pm
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Angry Re: Front wheel squeaks... Need new struts too

Thanks for your reply, Crewzin! I did that and it's definitely the struts... however, that doesn't worry me as much as the problem I'm having with the wheel(s)...

I guess the best way to explain the problem is that at nearly every speed, I hear a REALLY high-pitched squeak, and it makes this 'squeak' each time the wheel does one revolution. When I apply the brake, it goes from a loud squeak to a loud THUMP THUMP THUMP until the wheel stops.

The steering IS a little loose, and so I'm thinking it's something in the front end that's causing this.

Now, I just got the brakes and rotors on the front replaced, and it's still doing this, so I'm not sure what else it could be. I'm praying that it's the rear brakes,
but really, I've been to three mechanics... one tried to sell me a wheel bearing and wanted $800 for the work... I took it for a second opinion to a pretty good (honest) mechanic, and he said everything was tight (I'd take it back to him but he's in upstate NY and I'm not going to be anywhere near him). The squeaking continued, and now it's a LOT worse, and the third mechanic I took it to, did some other work on the car (timing belt, front brakes and rotors, rear shocks), and overlooked this problem.

I really am getting concerned because I know the car shouldn't be making this noise each time the wheel revolves, and I'm thinking it's not a bearing (just got the driver's side front replaced and was told the passenger front was fine), but this problem's been occurring for a few months now, and if I don't find the issue soon, I'm seriously selling my car and getting rid of it.

Not to knock Chrysler, but I've NEVER had this many problems with ANY other vehicle I've owned... and at only 94k?!?
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Old 09 Oct 2010, 08:59 pm
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Default Re: Front wheel squeaks... Need new struts too

Is it dangerous to drive with bad struts (I'm getting this fixed in about 800 highway miles)... I'm definitely getting the wheel squeak noise checked out and the struts too... but just curious..
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Old 09 Oct 2010, 09:42 pm
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Default Re: Front wheel squeaks... Need new struts too

Okay, so.....

could it be the brake pads dragging on the rotor?

high-pitched squeak for each revolution of the wheel; stops suddenly and becomes a loud 'THUNK THUNK THUNK' whenever I press the brakes.

:/ I'm realllly curious, sorry for the constant thread here...
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Old 15 Oct 2010, 12:32 am
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Default Re: Front wheel squeaks... Need new struts too

well the squeal sounds like the wear indicator on the brake pads, so it should have gone away if you had the pads replaced.
The clunking sounds to me like the tires to be honest. Look for chunks missing from the inside edge of the tire or extreme wear (I just got done addressing this issue on mine from mild lowering).

The struts are not that hard to replace yourself, you just need some spring compressors (autozone will let you borrow them) and something to tap the strut bolts out and in with. If you want to tackle it yourself I will give you step by step instruction via message if you like
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Old 15 Oct 2010, 12:54 am
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Default Re: Front wheel squeaks... Need new struts too

Found out what it was, thanks for the reply!!!

My former mechanic replaced my wheel bearing some time ago, and in the process gouged my hub assembly, which created a squeaking noise and a rumble when the brake was applied.

We took the wheel off and ground the hub down, and now it's perfect. And my former mechanic is an idiot.

Worried about this noise for five months; should have figured it out. Every time ANYTHING happened with that car, it was after that mech touched it.
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Old 16 Oct 2010, 08:57 am
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Default Re: Front wheel squeaks... Need new struts too

I think you owe chrysler an apology since your former mechanic caused the problems.
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