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Lowering springs installed.

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Old 10 Jun 2005, 11:15 am
Cool Cruiser
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Default Lowering springs installed.

I finally got around to installing the lowering springs last night at about 7PM. Was done by 10PM & I took my time. Test drove, showered, cleaned up, & had my espresso ready by 11PM to watch The Daily Show.

I MUST WARN YOU. If you DONOT have proper tools or canot make them, to torque the strut rod nut, then you WILL NOT get the fronts done..unless you rely on good & tight.

The rears are very easy to do. It actually took me as long to cut the bump stops as it did to actually install the time for rear. 30 minutes.
Fronts were not to bad. BUT, if you DO NOT have a tool to hold the strut rod in place, then i'd advise getting a professional to do it( yes, I repeated this). It will move while you try to torque it down.
Here are tools needed & what they are for:
1. Jackstands. I use 3 ton..obvious reasons
2. A jack. No more than 4" high( because you cant get it out from under the car). I had to use the sissor jack to get the hyd out from under it).
3. Torque wrench( unless you want to rely on the goodn'tight method)
4. 13mm socket & wratchet(3/8's drive), or wrench( if you use a wrench you will be hating life) for strut tower nuts.
5. 21mm 1/2"drive fo rthe lower strut to spindle mounts
6. Hammer..16 oz should be good. For knocking out the lower strut bolts.
7. 15mm socket & wratchet, or wrench. For the upper shock mount in the back.
8. Obviously you will need a 19mm 1/2" drive for the lugnuts.
9. Spring compressor. Avail to rent at AutoZone for $42. Refundable once returned, so it's actually free.

Instructions: Quite simple & straight forward.
1. Lift rear of car. Insert jack stands.
2. PLace jack under the straight axle & jack up to compress springs & shocks. I did about 2"
3. Use 15mm to unbolt upper shock mount.
4. SLOWLY lower axle down. Dont worry about the panhard rods( I guess that is what we call them). You will have room to remove the springs
5. Remove springs. Replace with cleaned & greased( YES you should apply a LIGHT coat of grease) rubber pad.
6. Cut about 1" off of the bump stop. I didnt remove them from the vehicle, when I did this step.
7. Jack up straight axle & reattach shock mount bolts.

1. Lift front of car. Insert jackstands.
2. Use 21mm socket to remove the nut from lower strut mounting bolts.
3. SLOWLY knock out the bolt( put the nut back on the bolt to prevent mushrooming of threads). You will see that the bolts have splines like the lug studs do. Once the splines are visible, about 1/4" or so. Remove the nut & tap out. USE CAUTION, as the bolts will fly out & the spindle will come forward, because they are under load. Using a jack in this step WILL NOT help.
4. Once the lowers are out. Use the 13mm socket to remove the upper strut mounts. Remove strut from car.
5. Notice the marks on the top of the strut. There is an U-shaped indentation & on the upper mount, there is a little dimple. I like to scribe a mark on each, just to be safe & make sur eit goes back DO NOT want to screw that up.
6. Use spring compressor, to compress spring. DO NOT use an air gun( if using air tools) as the torque from the gun can strip the threads.
7. Once tension is off the spring. Use an AIR GUN to remove the strut rod nut. IF you dont have a air gun good luck. As the strut rod will turn, making it impossible to remove the nut( unless you have a way to hold the rod from in between the springs, or have a special made tool to hold the rod from the top).This will be the same for reassembly.
8. Remove old spring, dust boot, & bump stop. Trim bump stop( about 1/2 of it). Replace bumpstop & dust boot.
9. Use spring compressor to compress new spring. Install, is reverse of removal. Remember, you SHOULD torque the rod nut. This will require the rod not moved. How you figure out how to do it is up to you.

Thats pretty much it.
I have some pics of before & after. I would post pics of the install, byt, it is very simple, so I figured I wouldnt to save space.
I'll replace some pics today when I can take some better ones.
The fro
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Old 10 Jun 2005, 11:21 am
Obsessed Cruiser
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Looks like your red one could do with a little TLC.

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Old 10 Jun 2005, 11:27 am
Cool Cruiser
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Panama City, Panama.
Posts: 336

LOL..well with about $15K invested so far, The paint is the last thing getting done.
You name it I either replaced it or rebuilt it.
2003 GT
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