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Car Insurance for Teenagers

Teenager Insurance Tips

Adding a teenage driver to their parent's auto insurance policy can result in some pretty steep rate hikes. There are many factors that contribute to the high cost of providing insurance to a young driver, including their lack of experience and historical evidence of higher accident rates. However, there are a few ways to save money on insurance for teens.

Many parents believe that adding their teen to their own car insurance policy will equal lower rates. While this does save upwards of $100 for parents each month, there are several companies who sell insurance specifically designed for teenage drivers, which may benefit their parents in a different way. These policies often come with limits which, for example, restrict them from driving at night.

One of the most important factors that will affect a teenager's insurance quote and final rate, whether they have their own plan or are included with their parents, is their driver training history. New drivers can earn great discounted rates for their first three years on the road if they can prove they have completed a driving course. Many courses cost about $500 for a few weeks and teens can stand to save upwards of $1000 a year by enrolling in one.

There are also discounts available for students with good educational records. If a teenager is on the Dean's List or Honor Roll, or maintains a high GPA, they may qualify for some substantial insurance discounts. Insurance providers believe that students with good grades are responsible in all aspects of their lives, including driving.

Finally, teenagers should be aware that their initial driving record is clean. If they can get it to stay that way, their insurance rates will decrease over time. Many insurance providers will consistently reduce rates for every year that a driver does not receive a ticket or get involved in an accident.


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