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Default Re: OEM radio choices?

Originally Posted by rckstein View Post
It doesn't really matter what was available as stock if you are going to replace it, does it?
Well, you answered your own question:

Originally Posted by rckstein View Post
What you will have to be concerned with is you will need to replace the center bezel with a double din one. And when installing the stereo, depending on the unit you choose, you may have to modify or completely remove the center shelf in the dash that the stock stereo sits on.
I don't want to modify anything. I want a PTC specific OEM radio.

To answer your other question, I want a MyGig because of the hard drive. I have one in my other Chrysler and like being able to record CDs while playing them. And I like the simplicity of the touch screen. Doesn't need to be a nav radio.

So my question is simply, what other radios besides REF and RAQ were offered on the Gen 2? I did look at your suggested links but did not find this info.

Edit: To expand the question, if no 'upgrade' radios were offered on the Gen2, are there any MyGig radios from other Chrysler vehicles that are plug and play in the PTC?

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