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Default Re: OEM radio choices?

Originally Posted by dgpt View Post
Well, you answered your own question:

I don't want to modify anything. I want a PTC specific OEM radio.

To answer your other question, I want a MyGig because of the hard drive. I have one in my other Chrysler and like being able to record CDs while playing them. And I like the simplicity of the touch screen. Doesn't need to be a nav radio.

So my question is simply, what other radios besides REF and RAQ were offered on the Gen 2? I did look at your suggested links but did not find this info.

Edit: To expand the question, if no 'upgrade' radios were offered on the Gen2, are there any MyGig radios from other Chrysler vehicles that are plug and play in the PTC?

First, the MyGig doesn't use the regular NAV bezel for this generation of cars. The face is shorter. You can get an adapter plate to use a MyGig with a Mopar factory NAV bezel for some models. The problem is that Chrysler didn't make a factor NAV bezel for the PT as far as I know. I'm not sure why.

Also, no MyGig is plug and play. There's CANbus programming required to unlock all of the features. However, there are after-market modules you can buy that will unlock all the features and that might make a "slow bus" MyGig compatible with a PT. I've seen examples done in 2005 Dodge Magnums. But I haven't seen or read about doing this in a PT. Even if it does work, the cost for the module, custom bezel and slow bus MyGig unit is going to be more than a good quality aftermarket stereo head. Plus, even if you get the MyGig to work, you are looking at 10-year old technology. Today, a micro-SD card or thumb drive plugged into an aftermarket stereo will out perform the physical hard drive in a My Gig. Plus the aftermarket stereo can have many more features that work and sound much better.

I myself am a big fan of the OEM Chrysler stereos. They work well and you don't have to worry about theft. But when looking at the MyGig option for my 2006 Charger Dayton, I quickly decided that a quality aftermarket system was the way to go. And I'm very glad I did.
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