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Default Hello from Canada. SRT since 2004. PT since 2014.


Despite joining in 2014, I never got around to making any posts. So, here I am.

In 2004 I bought a new silver SRT-4. In the following 4+ years, I put 96k kms on it, drove it through 3 Canadian winters, and loved every minute of it.

In one of life's regrets, I traded it in on a new GM product, which, as all GM products do, promptly fell apart on me. You'd think I'd learn after having the same thing happen to me in '99. Traded that on another silver SRT-4.

Having only had new cars pretty much all my adult life, used-car ownership scared me enough that I traded that on a new 2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8. Which I still have, and never intend to get rid of.

Moved down to the lower mainland of BC, and bought our PT GT 'vert in Dec of 2014. The following year, while on Vancouver Island for work, I promptly put a giant dent in the drivers' side door in a parkade. To make up for it, I went and bought my third SRT-4 while I was out there.

Since then, my fleet's expanded a bit; I recently picked up a bone-stock SRT-4 that needs a little TLC. From doing some research, it looks like it may have been one of the original Canadian press / review cars from fall 2003 / spring 2004.

The PT is going to get some love this year; tax return is set aside to put 2 new doors on her, and give her a full paint job. I'll likely restore the 17x Empire rims as I can't find another set (I really want to keep them on my SRT-4). I've got them swapped for now, since the better rubber is on my SRT rims, and my wife drives the PT.

So, yeah. Hi.
"This car is 100% sh*ts and giggles."

"Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary... that's what gets you." Jeremy Clarkson

2005 PT Cruiser GT Convertible
/ Mopar BOV / SRT Boost Gauge / Muffler Delete / Diablo Tuned /

2004 SRT-4
/ Mopar BOV / ST Coilovers /

2004 SRT-4
/ Factory Stock /

2012 300 SRT8 392
/ Flowmaster Force II Catback / AFE Stage 2 CAI / Custom Diablo Tune /

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