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Default Biggest Mistake of My Life

Was buying this car. I am 60 years old and have done all repairs and a couple of restorations for 45 years. Never have I come across a car with part failures as early and as poorly thought out as this.

We put about 8K on it per year. It has 110k miles now and the replacements in the last 6 years go far as follows:

All door locks.
Two windows
Transmission sensor
Crankshaft sensor
Camshaft sensor
Oil pressure sender
All four fuel injectors
Intake manifold gasket
power steering pump
Rack and pinion
AC evaporator coil
AC compressor
All motor mounts
Lower control arms
Rear watts linkage
Front brake calipers (both)

Almost all of the above required the front of the car to be taken apart and the radiator and AC condenser coil to be removed.

The rack and pinion required the front suspension and cross member to be removed.

In order to remove anything, something is in the way needs to be removed. Usually there is a ripple effect where the thing that needs to be removed to get at what needs replacing must have several other things removed first.

Now I need to replace the alternator and I find the right side front suspension must come out as well as the drive shaft. Then the engine must be freed from all of the motor mounts and lowered. To change an alternator!!

The only one I pity more than the person who can do the work themselves, is the one who has to pay some one to fix it. An alternator should be a half hour job, not a four to five hour job which involves catching transmission fluid in a pan, that's just stupid.

This is the last repair I am doing. When the next thing breaks, which given the history should be in about nine months, it goes to the crusher. And I want to watch.

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